Holy Crap

well it has been a very long time since I’ve been on here. the last time i was here i deleted at least half of my entries. I guess I just don’t care to remember my past. It was very crazy and messed up. I was very crazy and i did alot of stupid things. Now Im trying to be the person I know i can be. With a little bit of help from the man I love i know i can be the person Im meant to be.


Breck is pretty amazing. I see my future when I look at him. We argue all the time which is nuts. I wish I didn’t start so many arguement and I wish he didn’t instigate them so much. I sure he thinks its funny to see me so pissed but its really taking a toll on me. But we’ve talked recently and I think we’re going to try and not argue so much. We’ve both been trying to quit smoking and its definitely alot harder for me. but i will quit. I need to quit.


                         Peace & Love



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June 18, 2013

Did you quit? I quit last September after smoking since I was 15. The first, most important step in the quitting process is wanting to quit 🙂 x