I’m Fucked

I’m drowning in my misery,

But on the outside, you really can’t see.

I walk around like I’m so very happy,

I smile and I’m cheerful.

I’ll never let them see,

the tears I’ve cried, not even the ones I still hold inside.

One day soon I will smile again,

not my face but in my soul.

I know this, in my heart I feel it.

There is this new face, he makes me laugh.

I don’t cry as much and I catch myself being happy.

But only sometimes.

And in the end,

I just know it will be alright.



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February 7, 2011

I never read this entry til now. And now you probably won’t read this comment…but maybe you will. It’s a really beautiful last entry. Maybe he’s the reason you no longer felt the need to write. I hope it worked out for you and this person, and if not, I hope it worked out for you. xx