Luv ur enemies & pray 4 those who persecute u

So there’s not really too much to say except I’m happy. It’s indescribable how I’ve felt in the last 7 months. It took alot of work for me to be this content with life. I don’t really care amymore about the bullshit in life it’s too much of a hassle. Life is way too short to be fucking stupid. My dad is sick he’s been sick for about the past year, but he doesn’t care. He’s going to live his life the way he wants and if he happens to die young from it all. Oh well. that what he says. I’m not so crazy about it, but it makes him happy. I just don’t know. But anyway I’m still happy I’m not letting it bother me cause what do doctors know neway. My gramps was suppose to die many years ago and he’s still kicking and smoking 2 packs of nonfilter camels a day. if he can do it so can my dad. I miss Caleb. I hate that he works all of the time. but it’s okay I guess. Lots of Love



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