Theme of the Week: Favorite Food

This is very simple and almost..well…redneck/white trash whatever you want to call it. My mom made it growing up and its still one of my favorites. I now make it for my kids and they LOVE it and request it for their birthdays. It’s almost too simple, but soooo good.

Fried chicken cutlets and Rice-a-Roni.

The recipe is not really a recipe but is more just…directions, so here you go:

  1. Take VERY THIN chicken cutlets and drench in egg.
  2. Place drenched cutlets in large ziplock bag with Italian seasoned bread crumbs and shake until fully coated.
  3. Melt a FULL stick of butter in frying pan, lay chicken cutlets in butter and fry, about 3 minutes each side/until inside is white. Make sure the cutlets are not crowded in the pan, they need their space. Here’s the trick to this part….as the chicken is frying I add more butter as needed to keep the pan and chicken moist. It’s not uncommon for me to go through two sticks of butter while cooking for my family of four.
  4. Here’s the other part that makes it yummy-when check is done, place on serving platter and pour any remaining melted butter over it.

For the Rice-a-Roni…simply follow the directions on the box.

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March 15, 2018

Yum! But how could it be bad with two sticks of butter 🙂

March 15, 2018

wow sounds delicious!

March 15, 2018

that sounds so delicious… and just normal.  No weirdness.  But all yummy!