That’s me. I’m lagging behind the eight-ball, next to the A-Train, aside the river, and askew the fence. Knock, knock, anyone home. Certainly not at work.

My lot became the test lot for all the other outer lots yesterday when the new computer system was run up the flag pole. I was the test subject. It was as if I were naked at the front door with only a computer monitor to cover all my character faults.

Change. Small fools like me never do well with change.

“If I can teach you, mother, I can teach anyone,” my daughter began the day.

“No, no….boot up the computer even before feeding the cat,” was the next remark.

And to top it all off, I think my stomach is in revolt. Personally, I think it has given up the ghost on chocolate, and I haven’t dared tell it that tonight is a “desert” party, and the next two nights are dinners. Perhaps I just need to gently move what ever is on my plate about a bit. Sort of stirring up a mess. Maybe no one will notice that I don’t eat.

And once Lenora left yesterday, I had a chance to check the desktop. Yes, the link to solitaire is gone. I haven’t had a chance to see if OD is gone too. I hope not.

Hopefully three quarters of a day of training plus notes will carry me through. I had only one release to do yesterday. Yes, the day was beyond slow….so that wasn’t much of a test for the new programs.

John Dewitt Clark died this last week. He was a sculptor of note, an artists’s artist, and a major influence on my artistic life. His memorial service is today at Southwestern College in Chula Vista California. He will be more than missed.

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phoo on the solitaire……people at work took mine; we are firewalled against games but i found another site not blocked and shortcutted it and renamed it with a ‘retirement policy’ sounding title… one bothers it now lol

December 19, 2003

Sorry about your loss. I hope you find another solitaire game and that today goes smoothly. xoxo

December 19, 2003

I think you are a fine and astute student, and will do fine. I also do not do well with change. (I don’t think Earth people do either; they just don’t realize it, and don’t have the tools we do to use as needed.) I am sad to see someone important to your evolution as an artist has died. Huge hugs.

December 19, 2003

As I read this I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to feel sorry for you or to laugh out loud hysterically at the comment “boot it up before feeding the cat.” I decided to ROTFLOL. ((hugs)) 🙂

How odd about chocolate, me too. A recent innovation of the digestive system. BooHoo…It doesn’t like me anymore!

ohhh! sympathy! for sure.

Daughters don’t always say it best … boot up even before feeding the cat!? And you are no fool at all. You are brilliant, wise, loving, all that good stuff. Hope the rest goes well for you and you enjoy the party. Buncha Hugs & Smiles

December 19, 2003

sorry, i’m with you…the cat gets fed first.

My god, a dessert party? That’s about as dangerous for me as a wine tasting party. LOL!

December 19, 2003

Have a merry Christmas and a happy Mew Year Georgette!