Ha, there it is. A dusty, faded, two-toned blue, construction trailer placed at the edge of an equally dusty square of inner city tow yard. There’s a dirty white cat sitting on a scrap of rug at the top of the metal stairway to greet you. Inside the carpet is frayed, the furniture is a hodgepodge, and the windows need washing. All this is a cover for a great experiment that’s going on behind the scenes.

This tow yard joined the computer age yesterday. Amazing isn’t it.

Last month, DSL was installed. Since then a great poo bah in the form of an unsmiling computer Guru has been struggling to link this under-strength boat anchor to the central computer at our main PCH lot. Yesterday, not only were pings returned where they should, but we now have the ability to print from the PCH computer and they can print from ours. The networking is complete. That Guru has earned his 2004 Tahoe.

While my obstreperous G’daughter was kicking, punching, and taking running angry dives at her dad at the National Towing Company party, my daughter asked if I would come in and run the yard for a few hours today. While Carol, the PCH person, and Lenora, the outer lot manager’s manager, will be hovering over the boat anchor, I will do my usual. Hopefully no one will notice that I have already installed links to OD and an icon to solitaire.


Embarrassment and sadness to see such horrific behaviors from any child. This kid is in deep trouble. I have all these grandkids, and this one is the only one to exhibit these behaviors. She may be the smartest of the lot, but she is also the only one to act out her anger in such a manner. It’s so very sad and portends a very limited future for this brilliant and beautiful child. Frightening too.

More sadness. There was a Marie sighting in OB. I know if she had been working her program, she wouldn’t have returned to hang out in a bar. Even momentarily. I know this from 20 years of experience. Lenora got very angry at me when I mentioned that. Her anger always bothers me. I am always reaching for acceptance from this child I love and getting anger. She is so like my mother, and I’m always so appalled when I realize this.

Regret….I don’t really want to go to G’s company party. I’ll do it. I’ll drag off my levis and jam on something vaguely ladylike. Maybe I will pull a bit of Mrs. Gotrocks out from under the bed. G’s secretary wants to quit…she is so mad at the man who took G’s job title. She even hung up on him. G says if he argues her side they will tell him to write her up for hanging up on the new manager. They may even hire another manager to manage the manager. That’s the manager’s in charge of managers policy. Two different company management structures now are running rampant in one business. No wonder they went bankrupt.

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how old is the g’daughter? im so so sorry….

December 16, 2003

Georgette, IMHO motherhood is often a heartbreaking affair…you know, your absolute humility and strong heart, strength of character and soul shine through in your writings here…I send you much love

December 16, 2003

Many huge hugs of the bearish variety.

December 16, 2003

Sending lots of love your way today. Hope your friend Marie gets back on the program and that something can be done for your granddaughter. xoxo

Hopefully g’dtr will be identified at school as needing help and something will be done. Sect’y will just have to repeat Psalm 141:3 multiple times and then her sense of humor will take care of the officious air head. Do dazzle ’em at party. Sorry Marie back in old haunts. Glad seen alive, intact. You are one classy lady, it won’t take much effort to dazzle the plebians. ((Carrie))

December 16, 2003

Don’t people know how to run a business anymore? Where is people’s common sense these days? G’s company sounds like it is run by morons.

I guess you know that the granddaughter isn’t the problem. Too bad for the child that the parents don’t take control. Poor G. What a bunch of nincompoops he works for!

RYN: Yes, I got the cards done! LOL!

December 17, 2003

RYN: Sorry, I forgot that was the name you used. I’m glad you know she is still alive. Wish things could be different for you. xoxo

December 17, 2003

Pant Suit only. Remeber the old axiom”Beneath every skirt there is a slip” LOL That works two ways, Dear Lady.

hope the party is better than you envision…

December 17, 2003

Poor child! She is in for big trouble if the parents don’t act like parents.

December 18, 2003
December 19, 2003

the bad decisions and behavior from youngins in our lives can be an unending source of sadness and/or frustration. hopefully they outgrow it someday?