Day 136/Day 1

It’s been a while since I’ve been here I just realized.  Where do the days go, and why is it I don’t seem to notice?  Confined to the house, you’d think each day would be an eternity and I’d have nothing to do but write. But that’s not the way it pans out. 

For an ordinary day: get up at 9:00 (wait that late so Housemate can get up & get ready for work in privacy); open the sliding door — both cats roar out like they’re shot out of a cannon; Penny immediately races back in just in case she might miss breakfast.  Fix their food; put hers down; put his pill in Marty’s.  Put the kettle on; grind the coffee; take the first batch of pills (back pain, gut pain & diabetes).  Boot up the computer.  Pour the water in the french press; play 2 games of Mah Jong solitaire; get first cuppa …. ahhhhh! Marty comes back in for his breakfast in by the computer — the only place he’ll eat it.  Play solitaire, drink 1st & 2nd cups; eat breakfast.  Take 2nd batch of pills (immune strengthening; multivitamins; iron; CoQ10; Vit B12, probiotic, biotin).  If it’s Monday, go put the neighbors & my garbage cans away.  Then do the dance: a while on the computer (aka resting back &/or lungs), doing a chore: the dishes, vacuuming, cleaning bathroom, a bit in the yard, washing & hanging out clothes.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Eat lunch in there somewhere.  Sometime between 3:00 & 5:00, lay down to rest back & lungs, sometimes go to sleep.  Get up; fix cats’ dinner — put Penny’s on her mat & Marty’s by the scratcher in the living room — the only place he’ll eat it; read until 7:45.  Make dinner, or order Door Dash.  8:00: electric rates go down so turn on the Roku or else watch Netflix DVDs until 11:00 or so; take night pills (diabetic, thyroid, Toviaz, Alreds2 [aunt had macular degeneration & I’m fighting it, just in case], biotin, Valerian root); brush teeth; pet Marty who thinks the bathroom is his domain so he’s right there, on his stool, in my lap –what ever.  Got to bed: read for an hour or so.

And then there’s the special days.  Three weeks ago Housemate & I went to Lowe’s & got our new ceiling fans.  That was on a Tuesday.  Installers came on the Friday & I had to do MAJOR clearing/cleaning in my room before I could let them in there.  Then a week ago the bathtub & toilet stopped up.  That was on a Sunday; waited till Monday (for regular rates) & got Rot Rooter out.  Old pipes (house built in 1976) and there’s a drop down in the clear out so rust & the drop down combined to catch paper.  Bought enzymes to keep it from happening again.  Two Sundays in a row the Kid and the Granddaughter came & got me so I could go with them to Costco & Sprouts. 

This last Wednesday went to lunch with friends: our favorite restaurant has an outdoor seating area — they’re not serving inside but the weather’s fine and we were so excited just to spend some time with someone other than ourselves.

Yesterday was my long-awaited appointment with the pulmonologist, to find out why I can’t breathe if I walk more than from here to the bathroom.  Now I was aware that I’ve put on weight.  I had to wait 3 years to get my knee replacement (because of the copays) & it only hurt if I was up & active, so I wasn’t.  Had that operation in August 2018 and was just getting back into my stride when the Camp Fire came along: November 8, 2018 and burned for 17 days until finally put out by the first rains of winter.  The smoke funneled right down out of the mountains to my street, & most mornings you couldn’t see the end of the street for the smoke.  Nasty gray smoke: “the fire resulted in the worst air pollution [ever] for the Bay Area and northern California, containing environmental contaminants such as asbestos, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, arsenic, dioxins, and other hazardous materials that may have burned or spread in the fire.” (Wikipedia)  Needless to say, I developed a nasty cough, and I have it still.  Of course it was a blessing in disguise since my PA sent me for a chest x-ray the next April & that’s when the cancer was discovered. That began the round of tests, and uproars with Medicare and I was afraid to do any exercising in case it made it all worse.  And so I sat on my “considerable behind” (thanks, Blather) and it grew.  And grew.

So the pulmonologist gently but firmly told me that not only was there fat around my lungs, making it hard to breathe, but that fat cells put out inhibiting chemicals that make it hard for the lungs to work.  Solution: get out & start walking and get rid of that fat!  Oh-kay!  This morning: Day 1.  Got up, let the cats out, & went walking.  Down to the end of the block (3 houses); half a block perpendicular (one lot) & back again.  Whew!  Used my hiking poles — they help.  And that was the first day of the rest of my life.  It seemed to energize me — I got up & did some cleaning that needed to be done in the kitchen, that I haven’t had enough energy to do before.  A good sign, don’t you think?

Now I’ve got to get a scale, so I can keep track of my progress.

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2 weeks ago

If you want you can come and use my scale anytime…..

Hope this journey will not be a hard one…enjoy the ride and have fun.

2 weeks ago

@jaythesmartone thanks!  I would love to be able to come use your scale, but it’s really a long walk to your house.  Of course, if I did walk it, I would be slim & trim by the time I got there! Hmmm ….