Day 137/Day 2

Too Close To Home

The neighbor down the street has been diagnosed with COVID-19.  What a shock!  The street I live on is one block long, we all know one another, and up till now we’ve all been COVID free.  And I think taking it somewhat lightly — I know I’ve been.  Don’t wear my mask when I go outside, keep a distance between myself & the neighbors but not necessarily a 6′ distance.  I’m not fast friends with Ms. Y, but last Thursday Ms BAC (my neighbor to the west) was across the street visiting with Ms. C & they yelled at me to come join them.  It was a lovely day, breezes stirring the leaves on the trees and keeping the temperatures down to 80 or so.  “Why not?” says I to myself and I did.  We sat about 6′ apart but just chatted and gossiped for a couple of hours and it was so nice … almost like the old days.  Ms. Y came down & borrowed Ms. C’s car to take Miss P to the hearing aid people.  I commented that Ms. Y seemed not too happy to be taking Miss P and was told that Ms. Y wasn’t feeling well — thinks she’s coming down with a cold.  Seems she got tested that same day and the results were positive.  She’s just on self-quarantine for two weeks, so hopefully it’s a mild case and she’ll come through all right. 

It would devastate the household if she died!  She lives with her brother Mr. D, Miss P who’s a former patient of Mr. D’s s when he was a nurse, Mr. S who’s Ms. Y’s cousin, and Mr. G. whom Mr. D. rescued from the streets and who has physical and mental issues.  They all moved out here from Virginia, they’re all senior citizens (well I think Mr. G is only in his 50s but he’s on disability and gets a very small amount of money per month Certainly not enough to live on his own.).  Mr. G is right handy with things and remodeled the house so that each of them has a bedroom.  Mr. S is the cook and he’s right good at it too.  Miss P is a frail little thing that looks as though one good gust of wind would blow her into the next county.  Ms. Y is a veteran, and her only daughter was found dead earlier this year.  Mr. D has cancer and has been fighting it for years.  I admire that household tremendously — what a great solution to the senior problems of not enough money and not being spry enough to live by oneself. So I’m sending healing white light to Ms. Y and all the others too.

I’m sad the virus has struck there, and worried about Ms. C across the street — she’s 80 and has a nasty cough that she’s had for months and can’t get rid of.  She had an appointment with the heart specialist earlier this week but it was canceled due to an emergency.  She’s been tested for COVID & the results were negative, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have caught it since.  And her son works in the post office, which means he has the possibility of being exposed, and bringing it home to her.  She wiped the car down, but still …

Day 2 is a bust, at least as far as walking goes.  It’s the same old pattern: feel good, do as much as I can, feel like 💩 the next day.  Woke up with a screaming headache, which seems decidedly unfair since I didn’t do any of the things that I think trigger a headache last night.  And my FBG was within normal limits this morning, so it wasn’t high sugar causing it.  And coffee hasn’t worked it’s usual magic. Got up at 9:00, let the critters bolt out, came in & sat at the computer: hurt too much to take pills or make coffee.  15 minutes later: got up, fed the critters, took back pills (it was screaming also) & made the coffee.  But just didn’t have the oomph to go walk.  So today I’ll concentrate on clearing off the kitchen table, which functions as a junk drawer in my house.  Tomorrow’s another day and hopefully a better one.  Fingers crossed!

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2 weeks ago

I hope you don’t get this virus and I hope that no one else in that house gets it either, but they all need to be tested and they all need to self isolate for two weeks also.

Stay safe my friend.

2 weeks ago

I hope your neighbor comes through okay!

2 weeks ago

Oh, man, sending good thoughts for your neighbor. Hoping you feel up to walking tomorrow, too.