Day 139/Day 4 Learning Curves

Another day — another high 90s/triple digit day.  Another day of the AC coming on at 🕚 and probably not turning off until midnight, like it did last night.  Picture 💰 flying out the window into the coffers of the local utility.  Thank goodness I live where there’s a municipal electric utility, rather than robber baron PG&E.

Not much new happening.  Except I’m happy to report that being a prisoner in my own house has pushed me onto finally learning how to operate my Kindle.  The Daughter gave me her old one well over a year ago & I couldn’t even figure out how to turn it on.  Grandson showed me how & I meant to get started but then time slipped away and I couldn’t remember how figure it out.  (In my defense, the case is black, and the buttons are just cut into the case, so they’re damned hard to see.)  But I persevered — hurdle #1 conquered.  The screen came on … and it was locked. 😟  Texted The Daughter, took her a week to reply & tell me it’s her FIL’s old Kindle & she doesn’t know the password.  Two days later she tells me she seems to remember you just swipe the lock.  Yep, that’s it.  Hurdle #2 gone: now I’m in … now what?  I sorted through getting set up on Kindle Unlimited, & getting books ordered.  It’s pretty simple … once you work your way through it.  I must be getting old: I consider this a major accomplishment & I know that it’s absolutely nothing to my Grandson’s generation.

And I learned how to pay the postage on books I’m mailing out.  Also simple: pay $$ into the system, check the appropriate box when you’re printing the wrapper, and hey presto!  Went to do that for a second book & noticed that the system charges you 55 cents for each book that you do that on.😱  They have to be f–king kidding!  I just mailed out over 30 books.  Let’s see, at 55 cents each that would be an extra $16.50, above & beyond the atrocious current media rate (which is probably going up soon, if past experience is any guage).  So while it was nice to be able to respond to the receiver’s request for a faster mailing … that will be the beginning and end of the prepaid postage gig.

Other than that, not much new here (yawn …)

Walking.  I did so good that first day, and was absolutely rubbish the next day.  Ached all over & zero energy.  So I took the day off.  Yesterday I didn’t want to — boy I didn’t want to!  But I grabbed myself by the seat of my pants & did it.  And did it this morning too, and it was easier — actually pretty easy to the point where I turn around, and then it got hard.  But not as hard as it was all over the first day, and yesterday.  I call that progress!💪

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2 weeks ago

I am not good with tech stuff either….I use to be but since hubby came into the picture and my son has almost every tech toy there is known to man he shows me nice and slow and lets me practice.  I just wish we were back to the old fashioned phones with the rotary dial…nice and easy

2 weeks ago

@jaythesmartone Sometimes I think the same Jodie, & then I think “Well, that means you’re getting old, if you don’t want to keep up with the current things but just go back to yesteryear.”  Well I try, cuz I don’t want to fall behind the curve, but it keeps getting away from me anyway …

2 weeks ago

Good for you conquering those hurdles when it comes to techie stuff!  That’s a real accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself.  Also, the walking, you are doing well. You really are.  Keep on keeping on.  😊

2 weeks ago

I have a very old Kindle that I haven’t used in years. I’ve probably forgotten how to work mine, too!