Day 142/Day 7 Madder Than A Wet Hen!

Tried to get into my e-mail this morning & couldn’t: error message said I was using a browser that doesn’t support Java & I should change to one that does.  Preferably Google Chrome.  WTF?!  Everything worked fine yesterday & I don’t want to change to Google Chrome — I use Mozilla Firefox and I love it, have for years, and I’m not changing.  Especially not to Google Chrome.  In my not so humble opinion, Google is one of the Big 5 trying to take over the world & I’m not adding to its power.  (Note to self: get off gmail & onto another e-mail program as soon as possible.)  I tried everything: shut the computer down several times, read up on help notes –nothing.  Then I discovered that one of my favorite Mozilla add-ons, NoScript (It allows JavaScript, Flash, and other executable content to run only from trusted domains of your choice (e.g. your banking site), thus mitigating remotely exploitable vulnerabilities), had been changed so that now blocking approval for any of the Google ramifications caused the site not to work. 

I see this as an attempt to get people to stop using Mozilla and go to Chrome, which is covert manipulation to run Mozilla out of business & take over their market share.  And it infuriates me!  I finally got things working again, but it was a good 2 hours lost out of my day. And like I said earlier, I am NOT, I repeat NOT, giving up Mozilla — they’ll have to pry it out on my cold, dead fingers.  Mozilla had tabbed browsing long before IE did, it’s faster than IE, and it has several add-ons that I really like & have my whole computer organized around.


OK, I’ll quit whining now.

Day 7.  My back was pretty stiff this morning, but I wasn’t struggling with that gawdawful lack of energy thing.  So my exercise was to get out & pick up all the twigs, sticks, branches & limbs off the back lawn, so I can mow.  Yes, I know they can be mown over but I go barefoot all the time & don’t want to be stepping on twigs, sticks, branches & limbs with sharp points on their ends.  I figured the bending over would be just as good for my back as walking.  Got half the yard done before I had to call it quits. 💪

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1 week ago

Question? What is your thoughts about explorer Edge?

1 week ago

@jaythesmartone I’ll do some research Jodie, but I have to tell you I dislike Microsoft almost as much as I do Google.

Gosh! What a day you had. Hope your back in ok in the morning it’s when you go to sleep is when your body says ummmm Back pain or not? How good was he or she yesterday? Glad I have  gardners to do my lawn and pick up twigs and what not! Cheers….

1 week ago

@mermycohea I’m jealous!  I have a neighborhood kid who mows the front lawn but that’s all I can afford.  Plus I need the exercise.

@ghostdancer I have never in my life done anykind of yard work unless putting up hoilday things count lol

1 week ago

@mermycohea You must have someone to do them for you.  Or else you live in a high rise: one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite books: He lived on the 42nd floor which was just as he liked it: great view & no yard work.

I wish! Nope I live in a place that I pay a high HOA fee so They do it all for me…

1 week ago

Has microsoft edge been butting in with its bad self all over the place? It is acting nearly like a virus. As annoying as bing. I also don’t like java. Move over, I need more room to whine.

1 week ago

@bonnierose No, hadn’t even heard of Edge before Jodi mentioned it.  But I’m not going to change over unless I absolutely have to.  I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox for yonks: it has several add-ons I really like & that other browsers don’t have, so I have my computer set up the way I want it & I’m too old to change gracefully.  It’s gonna be kicking & screaming if I’m forced to!