Day 143/Day 8

Ho hum, another day.  More theories about how His Trumpness is or isn’t going to be able to take over the election process & get himself declared Dictator for life.  Jodi, get your couch dusted off — I’m on my way.

100 here today; 99 scheduled for tomorrow but it always winds up being hotter than NOAA says.  Or maybe my $7.98 outdoor thermometer isn’t as accurate as the gubmint weather service.  Either road, it’s HOT!

A whole flock of hen turkeys just wandered down the sidewalk in front of my house before turning into the neighbor’s yard.  I couldn’t see exactly how many but there were definitely 5 or more.  They’re such pests!  Some bright soul decided to reintroduce them, and of course there are no predators to keep the numbers down (except the SmartRide driver, who gathers one up every Thanksgiving & Christmas.  We need more like him!)  5 years ago you never saw one — they were all out in the undeveloped land around the city.  Today, there are wandering flocks everywhere — they step out into the road without even looking around, knowing cars will stop for them.  We should import some coyotes or mountain lions to get their number back to normal.

So here’s a little something to take your mind off whatever’s troubling you today, and give you something to be grateful for:

I hope that works — either the link or the picture.

Day 8 hasn’t gone so well.  My back was just screaming when I got up this morning.  Managed to walk, but only as far as the corner.  The asthma was really in full swing, and didn’t stop bothering me until after I went back to bed for an hour, then made a pot of coffee.  Told myself that I would do the Low Back Strengthener exercise* but so far I haven’t.  I did get the bathroom cleaned since I needed to get the enzyme stuff into the tub.  Well, tomorrow’s another day.  And at least I did something.

*Low Back Strengthener exercise:

  • Lie on your stomach with your arms straight over your head, your chin resting on the floor between your arms.
  • Keeping your arms and legs straight, simultaneously lift your feet & your hands as high off the floor as you can (aim for at least 3″ off the floor).
  • Hold that position (sort of a Superman flying position) for 10 seconds if possible, and then relax your arms and legs back onto the floor.
  • If this exercise is too difficult to start, try lifting just your legs or arms off the floor separately — or even just one limb at a time.

Sounds easy enough, but I have a hard time getting up off the floor; I’ll have to crawl over to a chair to hoist myself up.  So dignified.  But needs must — I gotta start doing this.

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August 1, 2020

The low back strengthener exercise is a yoga pose: locust. It can be a challenge to hold for awhile!

August 1, 2020

@queenofegypt Thanks, I didn’t know that.  I don’t do yoga — I went to a class once & the teacher gently but firmly told me I was too stiff to be there.  I didn’t do that one this morning, I did ones I remember from when this first happened: lie in bed & pull one knee up towards chest & hold it, repeat on other side; then put one leg straight up in air & hold, repeat.  They must have helped — went out & picked up sticks & back has progressed to the next pain level up (or down, depending on how you look at it).

August 1, 2020

@ghostdancer Maybe you just went to the wrong type of yoga class? Some studios offer gentle yoga classes for people with physical injuries or who just need to wind down a bit. I love me some gentle yoga! Sorry you had a not so great experience.

August 1, 2020

@queenofegypt Well it didn’t surprise — I am normally so stiff I can’t reach my own toenails.  It got better when I was doing water aerobics, but that’s out of the question until the lockdown is over with.  I got a couple of videos of Yoga For the Rest of Us but never watched them 😕 & now don’t have a VCR any longer.  Guess I should try to find the DVDs.

August 1, 2020

We have a lot of wild turkeys in our area as well this year. His Trumpness is getting nuttier and nuttier. Nothing will surprise me. He’ll try anything to rig the election in his favor. In my opinion. Including starting a war.

August 1, 2020

@hearthkeeper I agree with you — the man’s deranged & is only getting worse.  I keep hoping we’ll wake up on Nov 3 & the election will have gone fine & he’ll be voted out … & he’ll leave peaceably.  But ISO doubt it!