Day 144/Day 9

Like everybody else, I’m watching more tv these days (& reading too).  I have a little routine: work on computer/do chores until 🕔, then shut down computer & read till 7:30 or so, fix dinner (these days that’s mostly salad) and then turn the tv on at 🕗 when the electric rates go down.  Yes, I know, the tv doesn’t draw enough electricity to make a huge difference, it’s just the principal of the thing.  One of my more brilliant ideas was getting rid of cable — the bill kept going up & up & up and I didn’t watch all that much anyway: 7,000 channels and a whole lot of drivel.  So I bought a Roku, and subscribe to the channels that have what I actually want to watch: BritBox, Acorn, Nat Geo & PBS.  Lately I’ve been watching police series — why I don’t know since they’re not my usual thing but I’m enjoying them anyway.

Here’s my gripe (of the day): if they run for more than a couple of seasons, suddenly the main actors start disappearing, one by one, to be replaced by new ones.  And if the series runs long enough, the new ones turn into old ones … and disappear.  Dag nab it!  By Season 7, it’s practically a brand new cast, who are going to start getting killed off too.  Which is very annoying.

OK, I’ll be quiet now …

Day 9:  Medium, I guess.  Back not as bad as it was yesterday but still stiff & sore.  Did some exercises in bed before I got up –ones that I remember from back when I first hurt my back.  Still a bit stiff, but got out & picked up sticks & branches anyway, but only got a couple of passes done.  I’ve noticed that I get pretty stiff if I just sit at the computer for any long period of time, so have been alternating with getting up & doing small chores: putting things away, etc.  No walking, but going to try the Lower Back Exercise a bit later.  Honest, I am.

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August 12, 2020

My routine in retirement now:  Get up at noon or 12:30; have breakfast; begin YouTube and phone Internet addiction activities including PB and OD; keep phone active all day; snack at 4; lunch 6:30; walk in the park and sunset pics at 8; more insatiable iPhone Internet time; go upstairs and glance wistfully at piles of unread books (not to mention all those in Kindle); supper at 11:30 pm; more and more Internet iPhone time; bedtime by 6:30 or 7 am!  Really, this is a very workable routine for me since I truly believe I am a genetic “short-sleeper” and don’t need any more than 5 hours of fitful “sleep” a night.  This has been going on for decades (the short sleeping aspects when I was working), and my doctor seems to agree I don’t need much sleep (thank goodness, for Ive always though it was a gross waste of precious time) and is not concerned.  There you have it.  Oswego is an odd bird.  I guess I won’t make this note private, Lol.

August 13, 2020

@oswego We have a lot in common, thought I’m not so far off a “normal” day as you are.  I’m a confirmed night owl & struggled all the years I worked to be up & at work by 8:00🕖.  Once I wasn’t working any more, I developed my schedule to suit me: get up at 9:00🕘; walk for 15 minutes, feed the cats, make the coffee & go work on the computer.  Take breaks from the computer to do chores, & sometimes remember to have lunch but basically at the computer until 5:00🕔, when I go sit in the living room & read until 8:00🕗 (some people drink, I read).   8:00🕗 the electric rates go down, so I make dinner & crank up the Roku (hate American tv, love Brit tv so the Roku is the best invention since sliced bread) & watch until 11:00🕚 or midnight, go to bed, read for an hour or two and then sleep till 9:00🕘.  I am trying to get myself to eat dinner earlier since I’m a night eater (comes from being a night owl) and eating after 10:00🕙 isn’t good for weight loss but it’s so much easier to eat while watching tv than while reading a book that I’m having trouble achieving it.

Finding out how to work my hand-me-down Kindle has been disastrous for me: I have an enormous mound of books to be read & it’s my goal to whittle that number down.  Which means I have to read more books than I get in trade every month.  But there’s all these free books on Kindle … maybe I should stop computing at 4:00🕓 instead of 5:00🕔?

So we’re alike in not running on the world’s time, but I still need my 8 hours.  What a waste!😀