Day 144/Day 9

Like everybody else, I’m watching more tv these days (& reading too).  I have a little routine: work on computer/do chores until 🕔, then shut down computer & read till 7:30 or so, fix dinner (these days that’s mostly salad) and then turn the tv on at 🕗 when the electric rates go down.  Yes, I know, the tv doesn’t draw enough electricity to make a huge difference, it’s just the principal of the thing.  One of my more brilliant ideas was getting rid of cable — the bill kept going up & up & up and I didn’t watch all that much anyway: 7,000 channels and a whole lot of drivel.  So I bought a Roku, and subscribe to the channels that have what I actually want to watch: BritBox, Acorn, Nat Geo & PBS.  Lately I’ve been watching police series — why I don’t know since they’re not my usual thing but I’m enjoying them anyway.

Here’s my gripe (of the day): if they run for more than a couple of seasons, suddenly the main actors start disappearing, one by one, to be replaced by new ones.  And if the series runs long enough, the new ones turn into old ones … and disappear.  Dag nab it!  By Season 7, it’s practically a brand new cast, who are going to start getting killed off too.  Which is very annoying.

OK, I’ll be quiet now …

Day 9:  Medium, I guess.  Back not as bad as it was yesterday but still stiff & sore.  Did some exercises in bed before I got up –ones that I remember from back when I first hurt my back.  Still a bit stiff, but got out & picked up sticks & branches anyway, but only got a couple of passes done.  I’ve noticed that I get pretty stiff if I just sit at the computer for any long period of time, so have been alternating with getting up & doing small chores: putting things away, etc.  No walking, but going to try the Lower Back Exercise a bit later.  Honest, I am.

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