Day 184/Day 34 I’ll Quit Whining Now

From my friend who lives in Brookings, OR from yesterday:
The sun at 1:30 pm (really)
2 pm… driving into Brooking:

Brookings…. 5 pm:

Brookings: Wednesday morning:

Guess I’ll quit whining about how bad it is here.  He’s getting the smoke & flames from the Slater Fire, which started south of the Slater Butte Fire Lookout in California, right up near the border. By 8:30 am, September 8, 2020 the estimated size of the wildfire was 150 acres. By 4:00 pm the wildfire had increased to over 22,000 acres in size. Evacuation orders were implemented for various roads in the area as well as the community of Happy Camp.

 It’s better here today.  AQI down to 161 this morning, 134 now, but it still looks hazy.  Definitely not going outside in it, even though I had to this morning.  Had to pick up my prescriptions at Costco — I was out of all 3 of them.  Did some grocery shopping while I was there — $134 worth.  YIKES!  I didn’t get anything out of the ordinary either.  I had to ask my granddaughter to take me, which she graciously did.  I bought her a bag of vegan cheese — $12.  Costco seems to be upping their prices to take advantage of the virus just like everyone else.
We also stopped at the former doctor’s office.  First the background:
Last October, Anthem parted ways with Hill Physicians, the largest Medicare administration group in Northern California.  Which left most of us up the proverbial creek without a paddle or a canoe.  I wanted to keep my specialists because of the cancer.  Went with one doctor, who didn’t refer me to the pulmonologist for two months & then suddenly dropped out of Imperial — the group based in Southern California that was the mostly only viable substitute for Hill.  Scrambled around & found a Dr. Chen, who was with another group but who had the advantage of being only a mile from my house.  By now it’s January, & I’m trying to get an appointment with him so I can get a referral to the pulmonologist so he can refer me to the oncologist who will refer me to the surgeon.  Meanwhile the cancer is slowly growing happily away.  I call for an appointment — they can’t give me one until the end of February.  I could go to another clinic but it’s farther away and SmartRide doesn’t go there.  I’m told they see new patients only twice a day at the nearby office: once in the morning & once in the afternoon.  I go to the office once, in the hopes that the new patient who has the appointment won’t show up, but they both do.  I go back a second time, and again …  this time it’s too late in the afternoon to get a ride with SmartRide, so I walk home.  it’s only 1.3 miles, but I’m struggling with the respiratory whateveritis, so it takes me two hours to make it, stopping every 50′ or so to catch my breath.  I’m NOT a happy camper.  So I find another doctor (which goes better).
I got a phone call from those people yesterday, asking me to confirm my last name and address.  I explained several times that I was no longer Dr. Chen’s patient, but the ditz kept asking me for that information.  Finally she told me that they had my ID cards: my Anthem ID card and my senior ID.  Oh THAT’s why I haven’t been able to find it & have been tearing the house apart looking for it.  I would have applied for a replacement but the DMV has been shut down due to the virus & you can’t request one of those cards online.  I was happy to learn they had it, but why in the world did it take them from January to September to contact me about it?  I think I’m glad I’m not a patient at that clinic any more (not that I ever really was).

So we stopped & I ran in and picked them up.  Double win: they took my temperature & either I don’t have the virus or I’m an asymptomatic carrier.  I’m pretty sure it’s the former, as much as I’ve stayed in the house.

 The good news is I walked all over Costco because they’ve moved stuff around … again.  So I got my walking in even though the air was unbreathable.  It’s still supposed to be smoky and hazy tonight — last night we had to turn the lights on by 6:00 🕕 in order to see and I guess it will be that way again tonight.  Tomorrow is advertised as mostly sunny, but I’ll believe that when (& if) I see it.
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3 weeks ago

Question? Doesn’t Costco deliver in your area? I just go t whole bunch of stuff from them and I do know they should deliver you prescriptions also….Well they do here in B.C. especially with this virus going on.

3 weeks ago

@jaythesmartone More in the If It’s Not One Thing It’s Another Dept:  Here Costco deliveries are handled through Instacart.  Which doesn’t accept prepaid credit cards.  And the only credit card I’ve got is my SS payment, so the card loads once a month with the payment and away I go.  But Instacart doesn’t accept prepaid cards.  You’d think they would be glad to get those, where the $$ is guaranteed, but no … Otherwise I could do my grocery shopping on line & never have to leave the house.

3 weeks ago

Why can’t we have some sort of universal health care like civilized people? The automated street lights stayed on all day here. But, then, it was not hot!

3 weeks ago

I’m getting similar pictures from the family in Brookings. We’re surrounded by fire but no smoke like that.