Day 185/Day 35 Ho hum

The Bay Bridge as seen from San Francisco at 10:41 a.m. on Wednesday.Jim Wilson/The New York Times

I was daydreaming last night about heading for the coast, thinking it would be sunny, with beautiful blue skies and sweet low temperatures.  Another pipe dream busted.  Poor San Francisco!

It’ ho hum here: Moderate AQI (97, with 100+ being Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups) and the air slightly smokey & hazy.  Bad enough that I’m staying inside anyway, but that’s also because the cough is back & I know it’s from the gawdawful air we’ve been having.  It’s 75°, with a high of 86°.  I should have all the doors & windows wide open, airing the place out but of course that’s not possible.  NOAA says today, tonight and tomorrow will be smokey and hazy, with tomorrow night clear and Saturday sunny and clear.  As always, I remain the skeptic.

The computer is getting steadily worse: now I have to reboot it about once an hour.  I’m addicted to Mozilla Foxfire as a browser, but I think next time it goes down I’ll switch to Chrome and see how it goes.  I have a hunch that Google is in an all-out war to make Chrome everyone’s browser but they’ll have to pry Foxfire out of my cold, dead fingers.  I’ve used it almost since I first had a computer at home — 1998 or thereabouts, and it has programs that I rely on that aren’t available on Chrome or IE.  The new computer will be running Windows 10; there’s a chance that all this uproar will settle down because Windows 7 is no longer supported and perhaps that’s the difficulty.  Or … there’s a chance that Windows 10 won’t support Foxfire.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  Making major changes like this is almost always a major cockup — I’m not looking forward to the process!

The new printer should be available for pickup tomorrow.  And I think the new computer is supposed to be delivered Saturday.  It will have to go to Computer Guy to get Microsoft Office transferred to the new computer, and then there will be days of tediously getting all the programs I use reinstalled, etc.

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2 weeks ago

FF is not one of my favorite browsers. I like Opera personally.

2 weeks ago

This might answer your question.

I hope it’s what you are looking for. But if it isn’t then just type in Firefox for windows 10 and there is all kinds of information there


2 weeks ago

I use firefox on windows 10. Occasionally use chrome, too. Yes, a new computer is a pain. And the air is worse than a pain, it’s downright dangerous.

1 week ago

Good luck with the new computer!

I’ve been using Chrome for awhile now, mostly because I use a Mac and it just works best.

1 week ago

Curious what you are counting because we must have felt the urge to do so at about the same time. I’m at 184. Humans.

1 week ago

What an eerie photo. I can’t imagine what it’s like there. I hope things clear up soon where you live. Breathing all that nasty smoke can’t be good.

I am so excited that you are getting a new computer. Yes, it takes some work getting it up and running just as you like, but I bet it will be just right once that’s done.

1 week ago

A new computer and printer!  I bet you are so excited.

1 week ago

@wildrose_2 And broke!  And dreading the brain damage of getting the new computer set up.  But it will be worth it in the end (I hope!)