Day 188/Day 38

Yesterday I didn’t write at all because I had absolutely nothing to write about. I didn’t have much to do either.

The Holiday Farm fire near McKenzie Bridge, Ore., this week. 

Historically devastating wildfires in Oregon, California and Washington are still raging out of control. 500,000 people have been ordered to evacuate in Oregon, with the possibility of more as fires approach Portland.  Dozens of people remain missing in the Oregon wildfires. One official spoke of the horrifying possibility of a “mass fatality incident.”

Millions of acres are on fire and whole towns have burned to the ground. Thousands of people have lost their homes and all their possessions, and the COVID-19 pandemic has hampered relief efforts.  West Coast blazes have scorched a combined area approaching the size of New Jersey, killing at least 20 people and sending blankets of choking smoke far from the fires.  Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated, and about 500,000 more could be ordered to flee. Many are looking to changing weather for hope.

The assaults from a wildfire season of historic proportions are complicated by the coronavirus pandemic and misinformation.

There are thousands of families without power, drinkable water, medical supplies, safe shelter, and access to food. If you are looking for ways to aid the relief efforts, please consider giving to these charities assisting victims in California, Oregon and Washington:

  • United Way of Lane County
  • Oregon Food Bank
  • Food Bank Contra Costa & Solano
  • Latino Community Foundation Wildfire Relief Fund
  • United Way of Benton & Lincoln Counties
  • United Way of the Columbia- Willamette
  • UndocuFund Sonoma County
  • Okanogan County Community Action Council
  • United Way of Linn County
  • Ashland Emergency Food Bank (AEFB)
  • Opportunities Industrialization Center of Washington (OIC)
  • Food Bank for Monterey County
  • Redwood Empire Food Bank
  • Rural Resources Community Action
  • Marion-Polk Food Share
  • United Community Action Network
  • Greater Douglas United Way
  • Puente – Fire Relief Fund
  • United Way Of The Mid-Willamette Valley
  • United Way of Jackson County
  • Rogue Climate
  • Rogue Action Center

Click here to chip in to one or more of these charities now.

This especially got to me today because the AQI was 253 when I got up this morning, and I couldn’t breathe.  Oh, of course I could get air in & out but it was hard — lungs wheezing & never feeling like enough.  I had fantasies of going to a doc-in-the-box (Urgent Care) and getting a breathing treatment, but I have no way to get there and the air’s so bad I don’t want to even stick my head out the door.  It’s a bit better now — 6 hours later, it’s down to 199 but it’s going to stay in the Unhealthy range for the rest of the day and night.  I’m hoping it will get down in the 100 – 150 range later tonight so I can go out & get the mail.

So I’ve done nothing all day.  Went back to bed in fact, since I could breathe easier if I was in front of the tower fan in the bedroom.  Both cats liked that idea: Marty cuddled up along my back & Penny cuddled up in my feet (her favorite place).  I’m up now, but doing nothing.  Made a pot of coffee & cooking a hamburger patty (Salisbury steak) to give me some energy.  But I’ll probably just read or work on the computer for the rest of the day, even though the dishes desperately need washing up.

The AirNow site predicts that AQI will stay up in the nasty range until Friday, when it will drop down to 137, Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups.  I’ve got to go get the printer by next Thursday, which will be the lowest day in the Unhealthy range — 153.  I think it’s the August Complex fires that are sending all this smoke down to the Central Valley but I’m not sure — haven’t found a satellite view of the winds & fires yet.

So it’s tamales for dinner, with refried beans & riced cauliflower.  Pulled the tamales out of the freezer — they’re left over from the previous housemate — the one who was (& probably still is) a food hoarder and an everything else hoarder too.  Not to mention being a thief.  But that’s another story for another day.  Suffice it to say I’m still pulling food out of the freezer that she left, and she’s been gone since a year ago last July.

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2 weeks ago

253! That is horrible. Here we are running the new furnace without heat so that the filters might clean up the inside air a bit. Stay inside and do as little as possible!

2 weeks ago

@bonnierose Running the AC fan is a good idea — I never thought about doing that.

2 weeks ago

Oh my gosh!  The AQI here on the peninsula was 133 today.  I tell you, I consider myself very lucky.  I’m sorry you are having difficulty breathing.  What a horrible thing!