Day 251/Day 113

And it’s almost over.  Have you noticed how early it gets dark lately?  It’s 5:20 and full dark already.  I like this time of year — it’s cosy.  I’ll get this entry done & then read some notes & then go read a book.  Make dinner, which is uninspired tonight: chicken nuggets, baked potato & peas — because I forgot to take a package of hamburger out to thaw.

I’ve done nothing all day … again.  The knee pain seems to be under control if I take a vicodin just before I go to bed, take one in the early am when I get up for the usual, and then another one when I get up at 9:00.  Except this morning I didn’t get up until 10:00🕙 — sick in the middle of the night last night so I needed an extra hour of sleep.

I think Penny’s sick: one of her eyes is watering pretty badly, and she’s sneezing — it’s a wet sneeze.  I hope I don’t have to take her to the vet — transportation is so difficult.  Not to mention the money aspect.  I’ll call my niece tonight and see what she says — she knows a lot about animal troubles and what to do for them.

Thought I had a chiropractor’s appointment today but when I called to confirm the time, the receptionist couldn’t find it.  So I rescheduled for tomorrow which will work out better anyway: I can get Granddaughter to take me to Costco to pick up prescription refills and also to Walmart (which is right next door) to get just a few things and pay the electric & gas bills, and then I think I’m pretty well set for the month.

Feeling pretty lazy from not doing much — trying to stay off my feet to give the knee time to heal itself, if it’s going to.

Hope everyone had a good Monday!

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2 weeks ago

It funny how some things on our bodies they say to use it and yet other things they tell you not to….Like if you have a frozen shoulder you are not suppose to use your arm but yet we do…It’s one of those catch 22’s.

I hope your body parts feel better soon…

2 weeks ago

The early nights make me unproductive!
but it is also nice to feel more relaxed too

2 weeks ago

I’ve been having knee issues myself. Had water removed about a month ago and I am ready for it again. It causes me pain getting up or even laying down. I have to get it in the right spot to sleep. Hope yours heals

2 weeks ago

I like that the sun is going down sooner, especially here in Arizona. I also like the sunrise. The rest of the day is ok, but not as good as the former. I hope your knee gets better. I’m told by others that knee pain is awful. Yes, try to stay off your feet and see if that helps. I did have a pretty good Monday. I hope you have a great Tuesday!

2 weeks ago

Hurting all the time is a bitch. I hope your various pains calm down. I’m working very hard to lose weight on the assumption that less will at least show the cause of some of the aches.