Posted: 15 Nov 2020

We’re wearing out the people on whom we depend to keep us well and heal us. Health-care workers can’t go on like this.

Out of respect for these workers, here’s a thread from an ER nurse, @Jody Doering: 

I have a night off from the hospital. As I’m on my couch with my dog I can’t help but think of the Covid patients the last few days. The ones that stick out are those who still don’t believe the virus is real. The ones who scream at you for a magic medicine and that Joe Biden is going to ruin the USA. 
All while gasping for breath on 100% Vapotherm. They tell you there must be another reason they are sick. They call you names and ask why you have to wear all that “stuff” because they don’t have COVID because it’s not real. Yes. This really happens. 
And I can’t stop thinking about it. These people really think this isn’t going to happen to them. And then they stop yelling at you when they get intubated. 
It’s like a fucking horror movie that never ends. There’s no credits that roll. You just go back and do it all over again.

Which is what I will do for the next three nights. But tonight. It’s me and Cliff and Oreo ice cream. And how ironic I have on my “home” hoodie. 

The South Dakota I love seems far away right now. We’ve all been saying the same things: Why don’t people realize?  Why don’t they just wear masks?  Why do they go to rallies with hundreds of people without masks?  I guess this is the answer.  At least partly.  How scary is it, when the thing they’ve been denying becomes real and they still deny it?

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2 weeks ago

I just see it as  natural selection that Darwin talked about. The truly blind ones… the deniers, will either die of it or kill off their families. Chlorine in the gene pool.  So tired of people like this.

2 weeks ago

@snarkle Very definitely very tired of this, but you’re right — at least it’s cleaning the gene pool, at least hopefully they’re doing this sh!t before they’ve had a chance to multiply.

2 weeks ago

@ghostdancer well if they aren’t, their kids will either follow their example or perhaps become more educated and get out of that quagmire of idiocy.

1 week ago

How horrible for you to witness this first hand.  My ex was born in Deadwood.  I hate the way you are being treated by the patients.  The audacity, then they are forced to shut up to try and save their ungrateful lives.  shaking my head…