I struggle with gratitude.  And often forget for days at a time that I should be being mindful of all the blessings in my life.  But I get caught up in the minutia of everyday life, and even though I’m stuck in the house without much to occupy my mind, I still forget.  I have a Gratitude Journal but haven’t written in it for a long time.  So having found this circle is undoubtedly a gentle nudge from the Universe about remembering to pay attention.  Again.

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June 30, 2020

How very true!  I know I have more to be thankful for now than ever before in my life, despite the  pandemic and the horrible things going on in our country.  Someone once said, “If you don’t know any other prayers, just say ‘Thank You!’

July 1, 2020

And seeing this entry on the front page was a much-needed reminder for me.  Thank you.

July 1, 2020

I think we all struggle with that. We get caught up with wanting other things we forget to the happy with what we got.