A Bolt from the Blue

Meg Meyers

I know. I haven’t been here in forever. To be honest, I keep forgetting that Open Diary is up and running. I mean, after so long, it’s hard to remember it’s here again.


Work has been super busy. Which is a good thing because money. But, I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the way I feel this week.

Monday I felt more fatigued than usual, but I had a full weekend because of the holiday. I just figured I was tired from working my ass off. Tuesday, I woke up and I felt okay, but about an hour after, it was like an energy vampire just sucked me dry. Shaky, weak, could barely keep my eyes open. Sent a text to the idjit doctor to be seen, but she was at the nursing home. Sent several texts back and forth. She said it sounds like hypoglycemia. Now, I do have bouts of that, but I knew that it wasn’t it. Checked my blood sugar anyways and it was 111. Perfectly normal. I would have checked my blood pressure, but I don’t know where the auto cuff is and I don’t have enough hands to take my own blood pressure manually.

lol she told me to rest. I wanted to say “lady, that’s all I’m capable of!”

Mind you, I got a solid 9 hours of sleep that night. I canceled my clients (omg I hate doing that!), and went to bed. That was maybe around 10 am. I pretty much slept until my alarm went off at 4 to feed the dogs. I managed to stay up for a couple of hours, sat on the porch with Pam, but again, felt like I was going to fall asleep right there. So I went back to bed. I slept from … oh 7:30 pm till my alarm went off at 4:30.

I felt fine. Took my shower, had my coffee, and headed out early to my clients that live in the boonies. No fatigue, no weakness, no nothing. I spent 7 hours cleaning one house and I danced and sang the whole time (they’re on vacation, but that doesn’t mean I don’t dance and sing when people are around). I almost canceled the appointment because I seriously felt fine.

Woke up this morning, and the same damn thing is happening as it did on Tuesday. Exactly the same. I refused to cancel on my Thursday clients. Tried to call them to see if I could head there early, but got no answer. I decided to head over anyways. I figured they were already gone for her medical appointment, or they were getting ready for it.

They are the sweetest couple. They asked how I was feeling, and I was honest. They said “why don’t you consider this your vacation day and we’ll give you your vacation pay.”

I almost cried. I thanked them up and down, then headed back here.

I would lay down, but my hair would get seriously fucked up and I know I don’t have the energy to fix it. My appointment isn’t until 5:30. Ugh. I guess if I fall asleep in my office chair, so be it.

I have a shit-ton of things I need to do, but I know moving around won’t help. Tried that Tuesday and I thought I was going to fall walking around the house. That’s how weak I felt.

I did have Pam pick up some iron tablets, just because. I’ve never been anemic before, but I’ll try anything to not feel like this.

I’m sure they won’t find anything wrong with me. They never do. And my complaints fall on deaf ears with this doctor, but if I want a decent one, I’d have to travel at least 30 miles. I love living in a small town, but sometimes it’s really inconvenient. Grrr


I guess I will try to get one thing done. Or part of it. I can do this sitting down. Just typing stuff. But you know how boring that can be, transcribing. lol I can see myself typing away, dozing off, and put a full line of a;seiiiiiiiituo when my head hits the keyboard.



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