FebMusMo Prompt List

Thanks to my wonderful sister, Nocturnal State, for coming up with the prompts!

Feel free to join in!

1. Favourite song from your favourite band in senior year of high school

2. A song that never fails to make you dance in your chair/car

3. A song you have a hard time listening to these days, that you used to love

4. A song that helped pull you out of a really bad funk

5. A song whose lyrics you’d have tattooed on you somewhere

6. A song whose music video is better than the actual tune

7. The worst song you know or have ever heard

8. A song you loved as a little kid

9. A song that reminds you of a VERY specific place or moment

10. A song you’d name a pet after (lyrics or title!)

11. A band you WANT to like, but just can’t

12. A band you fell in love with because of someone else’s recommendation

13. A song from a new band you just heard and fell in love with

14. A song whose lyrics you like more than the melody itself

15. A great song from a band who never fails to impress you with their intricate lyrics and music

16. A band or song you wish would just fall off the face of the earth

17. A current band on the charts that you’d like to be friends with

18. A band you never would have heard of if it wasn’t for a tv show, tv commercial, or movie

19. A song you loved WELL before a tv show or movie popularized it

20. Your top five go-to songs/bands

21. A song you love, but forget exists until you hear it played

22. A four parter – four songs that remind you of the seasons (1 for winter, 1 for spring, 1 for summer, 1 for fall)

23. Your very favourite song to sing along to

24. A band you would have loved to be a part of, even if you don’t play an instrument

25. A band that really positively surprised you with their talent when you expected much less

26. A song that makes you feel the most mellow you’ll ever get

27. The funniest song you know

28. The first song you ever remember having on 8 track, record, cassette, or cd


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February 2, 2019

I may have to do this!

February 3, 2019

@serenadeoliver YES! DOOO IIIITTTT!