What’s the Time?


7:18 am

Working for Client #1 (He will be known as Holy Roller, or HR), so it will be an easy day except listening to him talk about religion all day long. It’s better than politics so I shouldn’t complain.

I hope he knows I’m coming this morning… hmm Well, it’s not like I haven’t seen him in his pajamas before. He sometimes isn’t dressed when I get there. Can’t blame him. When I have no where to go, I’m in my PJ’s lol

Pam got the lawn mower all ready for me to use today. I can’t wait to cut the grass even though it’ll be cool outside. Around 60 I think they said, and that’s too cool for me to wear shorts. Still, I’ll enjoy the fresh air while sneezing and all that wonderful allergy stuff lol

Did I tell you guys the bad news? ::sigh:: My coffee pot is dying. 🙁 I need to go to the bank tomorrow so I can put my money in. I gotta order a new one. I do have a back up coffee pot. One of those $10 Dollar General deals. lol I love how Amazon tracks your life. When I was looking for a decent coffee maker I came across the one I have. They told me that i bought this coffee maker in 2013. Not too bad considering I sometimes use it twice a day. This time it’s the thing that you push (like on a soda machine) for the coffee is almost completely useless. I have to hold onto the machine and push reeeely hard on the dispenser.

I probably should have gotten my back up pot out for my coffee this morning. Ah well. If nothing else I’ll use a ladle. lol

I’ma going to get some coffee right now. Wish me luck 😉

3:35 pm

LOL guess what I’m using with my coffee maker? A freakin’ ladle!! Ah man. I was really hoping that the button would work throughout this pot of coffee today. I’m going to grab the back up pot next time I go upstairs. New one has been ordered. I swear I jinxed myself bringing up the ladle lol

Holy Roller wasn’t home when I got there this morning. I was able to get the kitchen and bathroom cleaned before he came back home from bringing Andy to the groomers. Bad thing is, when he was bringing Andy to get groomed, he pretty much lost his breaks. Damn lucky that he was able to stop at all.

When he got home, he changed into his work clothes and went out to fix the problem. Good thing he has another vehicle to drive. But of course I would have ran to Car Quest to pick up the parts if he needed me to.

I am a bit worried about him. He is getting a little more forgetful. I can understand the forgetfulness today because he was stressed out, but just lately he is forgetting words. He’ll say “What’s the word I’m looking for?” or “What is it called again?”

It’s really not any worse than me and my own memory issues, but I worry, y’know?

I need to get him a birthday card. lol ok, memory issue. He told me when it was, but I don’t remember. I wouldn’t mind getting him a small gift, but I have no idea what I could buy him. If you guys have any ideas, lemme know.

I’m going to go ladle some coffee into my mug. I shall be back later.

7:08 pm

So tonight’s supper was peppercorn steak with creamed kale and potato wedges. I don’t care how you try to market kale, it’s freakin’ nasty. I even cheated and added more sour cream and… blech. I just don’t like the stuff. But I cooked the steak perfectly, and so so tender! And the peppercorn shallot sauce came out awesome too. Potato wedges are potato wedges, so, meh.

Tomorrow is pork meatloaf. Or rather, on Saturday. Tomorrow I’m sure I’ll be too sore and tired to cook. I don’t really like pork so this will be interesting.

Ok. I’m getting distracted very easily. I better end it here.

See ya.

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April 6, 2018

Smiling at you ladling coffee…. not so bad… :).  Food sounds delicious…but yes, if you don’t like kale, nothing will make it taste good.