Written in the Water

Gin Wigmore

6:48 am

ooofta those injection sites are tender. They’ll feel so much better in a day or two, though.

I go to the client’s house where I fell down the stairs and broke my wrist today. First time back. I promised them I wouldn’t fall down them again.

I wonder how often they’ll want me to clean… they can be flighty. I think I’m going to look at my google calendar and see where I can fit them in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and give them the options. Hell, they may not want me to come back. Who knows.

I better get more coffee.

2:06 pm

Hoooo boy when today’s client said she hated dusting she was not kidding at all! Wow! The rest of the house was great (but better now lol) but that dust! The furniture looks brand new again… kinda lol

The weather is being stupid again. I don’t know what the temp was 2 hours ago, but it was nice. Windy as hell, but nice. Now it’s dropping again. Actually, it dropped two degrees since I’ve started typing. I wonder what the radar is showing… Huh. It rained here around 12:30 when the front moved through. It didn’t rain where I was, but there are puddles in front of the garage so I guess it did rain here. Tomorrow sunny, but in the 30s. wtf Mother Nature! I need to cut the grass! ::sigh:: Looks like I might be able to on Thursday. I better talk to Pam about that. Not sure if the mower is ready. She’s the handy person. Me? I can take pictures of her being handy. lol

4:34 pm

So I fucked up my HelloFresh order. They have a pre-selected section. I changed to what I wanted, but I guess I didn’t hit save. I’m really ticked off at myself because I wouldn’t pick any of these meals. ::sigh:: I’ll still eat them, though. I don’t know what else to do with them.


See ya.

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April 3, 2018

Hello Fresh is okay, but there is a crazy amount of packaging!

April 4, 2018

@m_4 we recycle just about everything. except I don’t know what the hell to do with the ice packs grr

April 3, 2018

Weird weather here too. 78 and sunny today but in the 40’s tomorrow…not sure about rain. Hope not.