You Sound Like You’re Sick

The Ramones

Where the hell does all this snot come from?? I swear my brain has liquefied and is leaking out my nose, but even then, it should have run empty by now.

I hate summer colds. Bad enough you can’t breathe because you’re sick, but you step outside and it’s soooo fucking humid out, it makes breathing even harder.

This cold is hanging on way longer than my colds usually do. Not sure if the energy sucking vampire whatever it is that’s been draining me has anything to do with it.

So, because of this shit cold, I haven’t called the doctor about the whole exhaustion thing. Yes, it’s still happening. But I’m sick with this crap, so how much of it is the cold, how much is it the vampire? Once the cold symptoms let up completely (or as much as possible) I’ll go back. Why, I don’t know. She won’t do anything about it. Feh.

I just feel like giving up about it. ::sigh::

Cleaned the gross house this morning. Got a lot done, but it’s still gross. I just… How can they live like that? I need to send her a text about a bug issue she now has because of the grossness of the dirty dishes in the sink. I’m sure all they’ll do is spray some damn Raid and call it done. I don’t even know what kind of bugs these things are, but they were in all different stages of life. larvae to adult. ::shudder::

was going to see if I could hit the flea house early (Did I tell you about the flea house? I don’t remember) but there is no AC upstairs and it’s near 100 degrees outside. I’m going to wait until 5 when I’m supposed to go. I doubt it will be any cooler, but it’s worth a shot. At least I’ll have my neck ice pack bandanna thingamajig. If I don’t forget it.

All the vacuuming I’ve been doing is starting to catch up to my SI joint. It’s bothering me today. Hasn’t for a while, so I guess I should be counting my blessings.

Ugh. All I want to do is lay down. I better get more coffee, and something to eat.

See ya.

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