The turtle is still outside

As far as the entry yesterday is concerned, I’m a little tired of thinking about it and am committed to making this day a relaxing one.

At work today I put our box turtle in a tank outside, half in the sunlight and half in the shade. I felt a little bad because no more than 6 minutes into it the guy was already hanging out in his water bowl. It’s sunny and 80ish degrees, but I’m not going to bring him in yet because his neck is fully stretched and he seems completely enchanted with the sights of the outside world. I never really hung out with turtles before working here, but now I work with 4– a painted turtle, box turtle, musk turtle and Florida Cooter. They are all very charming and have officially been thoroughly anthropomorphized by me.

One of my new most favorite websites that doesn’t update nearly enough is One charming email exchange is from a guy who tries to send a drawing of a spider as payment to a company, so… if you’re bored and want to see some crazy things you can go there. Just so you know.

I might be going to some musical performance at a bar tonight, but am hesitating a little because I’ll probably need earplugs and will feel like a loser if someone sees me wearing ear plugs. It’s not the rock lifestyle, you know? I guess I don’t really have a rocker image that I need to maintain anyway. My image is more of a someone-who-takes-clothes-if-they’ve-been-in-the-lost-and-found-too-long one. Tomorrow I’m also scheduled to head to Auburn to have a lunch in celebration of my friend’s birthday. The restaurant we’re going to isn’t one of my favorites but it should still be fun.

Bleh. I think we might have to take the kittens to the vet. There are two of them, and they’re just so different from one another. The one that has the hairless toe also has a completely different head shape than the other one… it’s smaller and more narrow, and the kitten also has smaller eyes. The other kitten seems more… normal and is cautiously walking around and observing everything around it, but the bald-toed small-headed one mews a lot more and doesn’t seem to have any sense of balance. It tries to walk or move and just falls over, and I don’t know if it’s a problem if undeveloped muscle coordination, or is something more serious.

I watched a strangely depressing movie yesterday called Goliath. It’s about a guy that has a pretty terrible life and also loses his cat, and I wouldn’t recommend watching it if you’re in the mood to have a happy time.

Well, that’s all for now. It’s almost time to make some rice macaroni and cheese.

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August 23, 2009

I’d love for you to come by! That’d be awesome! I’m pretty sure you can borrow my truck. I was thinking I might need it to haul somethings, but it’s not the case. So you can borrow it. See you around noon at the house!

August 24, 2009

ryn: Yeah, I’m not looking forward to moving stuff out with Greg gawking. I put your books in your room and the white shirt that I borrowed from you. I washed it! Do you want any of your shoes? Grant it, anything I borrow I always give them back when people want them. Don’t forget you have to clean out the bathroom and carpet. It has to be clean or we’ll get a bill! >_<

August 24, 2009

Oh yes, and totally feel you on working and moving stuff out. *sigh* I have most of my stuff gathered. It’s just Chuck that really needs to get his crap together.