I am having my Charlie Sheen moment. Minus the ocean of cocaine of course.   Got the job within 5 minutes of my interview today, and now will start Friday. This is exciting not only because I will finally have the chance to make new friends again that aren’t crazy dancers (lol) and I will be getting out of the house and back in the world. I was starting to get cabin fever I think.

The uniform sort of bothers me..but that is because they wear black dress button down shirt…and..jeans?? Seriously? I know it’s a steakhouse but dang could we have a little style? I took a menu home to look at but I honestly haven’t evenlooked at it just yet. I glanced inside to get an idea of what the prices are like, and so far don’t seem to disappointed. Most of the food isn’t under 13 a plate except the burgers so with drinks and if people get apps, I should have a decent ticket price each time.   It’s def no fine dining but it will do and I won’t lie and say I wouldn’t like to wear jeans.

I was stupid and took two diet pills today for some random reason and I regret it because I got all shaky and didn’t even need to take them. I just thought hey…lets do this. ugh.

The GM that I met today seems kind of like he will be a douche, but I think most GMS are. They are always really strict and stuck up. What is weird is they all seem like they are my age these days. They are in their late 20s and while maybe back in the day that used to seem old now I am feeling old too.

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