New Girl

Hey, I’m new to this site but just looking for a place to write down some of my thoughts and maybe meet some new people. My name is Hailey and my husband, and I are going through infertility. We found out a month ago that my husband will not be able to have children on his own. We are going to have to go through IVF in order to have children. This was a little earth shattering for us and has been a lot to digest. IVF is expensive and that is something that has really worried me lately. I keep thinking how on earth are we supposed to afford this and what happens if it doesn’t work and then we spend all this money for nothing. Every day is a struggle, and I am sure as many of you know some days are harder than others. I am just looking for healthier ways to cope and looking for people to talk to who have a slight idea of what we are going through. Any help is much appreciated, and I look forward to getting to know all of you.

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