2 rooms left to clean

i sorta started on the living room. folded a blanket i use to keep warm when i sit in here and read. it’s now back where it lives when not in use. that’s as far as i got in cleaning so far this morning.

i’m thinking about something for breakfast. waffles, pancakes, scrambled eggs. i just don’t know what i want yet. got up and put 2 generous tablespoons of chicken, carrots, and green beans in individual baggies and put them in a freezer baggie. i fed her and i have enough left for her dinner tonight. next batch i make will have green peas in it. i’ll also be getting some low sodium chicken broth to use instead of water to soften her dog food. still don’t know what i want to eat yet. maybe i’ll boil up some eggs and make egg salad and have that on slider buns. less bread than regular buns or sliced bread. those are quick and easy to make, too.

it’s 59 degrees out there and sorta sprinkling. feels kinda nice, to be honest. much better than the 20 and 21 degrees that were out there last week. i’m guessing it’s gonna be another inside cleaning day. that’s probably a good thing cause if it was really nice out, i’d be off out and about with Daisy. this way, i’m inside and cleaning is the only thing i can do. so, cleaning it is. but, first, i’m off to boil some eggs.

just talked with jane about her daughter’s husband. thursday he fell from a tree about 10 feet up. he fell on roots on the ground and broke his arm in two places and 3 ribs in the back where he has a puncture wound but, no one knows if it came from the inside or the outside. he also chipped a bit of his hip bone. he’s in a whole lotta pain and hasn’t moved out of the bed since he got home thursday night. he’s without insurance and won’t ask social services to help him cause he says he’s an ex con and no one wants to help him. if they help illegals, they will certainly help him. he can go to tampa general and they won’t turn him away. if he pays them $10 a month for the rest of his life, so what? he needs surgery on the arm. right now it’s in a stabilizing cast. too swollen to put in a regular cast. he has no family doctor and is being a stubborn macho man. no, no, no, i don’t need surgery, i don’t need no doctor, i can deal with the pain(once the pain meds run out later today, let’s see how well he deals with the pain), he won’t go to tampa general, he can’t work, he’s being one damn stubborn man. i didn’t think any man could be as stubborn and macho as jane’s husband but, i guess anthony is. he hasn’t gotten up out of the bed since he got home. he isn’t eating cause he doesn’t want to get up to go poop cause it hurts so much even with pain meds. what’s he gonna do when they run out later today? he only got enuf for 3 days. please tell me what is it about men, why don’t they ask for help when they can’t do it themselves? if he weren’t in such pain, i’d slap him silly. i have to say i am so grateful i don’t have to deal with men much anymore. at least, the ones i do deal with, if they act stupid or stubborn, i can walk away and not think about them anymore.

i got the living room done!! just finished dusting, sweeping, and swiffering. i just need to neaten up the coffee table and this room will be done. okay, got that done. now i need to head to our bedroom and get going in there. the last thing i will need to do is drag out the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the two area rugs i have. one under the coffee table and one in front of the armoire.

for lunch, i made egg salad. i pulled out my air fryer and put 5 of those pillsbury refrigerator biscuits in it. i preheated it for 2 minutes, then, i cooked them for 4 minutes at 400 degrees. then, because they weren’t quite done, i let them sit in the air fryer basket inside the air fryer for another couple of minutes and let the remaining heat finish cooking them. they are sooooo good and it’s so easy. and i haven’t heated up the kitchen with the oven. good sandwiches!

i just used the pedipaws on Daisy’s nails. she’s not overly happy with me about it but, she tolerates it cause she knows she gets a couple treats when i’m done. i’m working with her now on ‘other paw’ so she can shake with both of them. she’s old and it does take a lot of working with her to get her to learn something but, eventually, she does learn. she’s very treat orientated.

according to stamp.com usps postage rates are going up in mid january. it will now cost $.55 up from $.50 to mail a letter. all the more reason for me to pay bills online and i’ll start buying as many forever stamps4 as i can before the rate increase.

just changed my mind. i drug out the monster vacuum cleaner and did the two area rugs. now, i just have to tackle our bedroom. it shouldn’t be hard to do. it’s not really dirty, just messy and i haven’t made up the bed yet. half hour at most. i may not make the bed cause i’ll be getting into it soon to read for a while. makes no sense to make it. i’ll make it in the morning.

just have to clean off my dresser and hang up a couple blouses. it’s gonna feel so good to have it all clean and neat and ready for the week.

it’s 5 o’clock somewhere so i’m having a glass of wine. love that jimmy buffet said that.

got a text from Blake, he said he’ll call me on his way back home from UCONN. that’ll be nice, it’s been a while since he’s called and i miss talking with him.

got 3 letters written and all ready to go to the post office. need to write one more i want them weighed cause i wrote letters to put in each one of the christmas cards and i want enough postage on them. and i want to buy a book of forever stamps. i’m gonna do this every time i have $10 to spare til the price goes up. i want to have a stash of forever stamps that will last me a while. and they will cause i’m only mailing letters now and not any bills.

okay, i’m done. my home is clean. pandora music kept me motivated. now, it’s time for a glass or maybe two of wine. i know that if i have some wine i won’t be taking a muscle relaxer, the wine will be enuf to keep my neck muscles relaxed. i’ll turn on the heating pad and support my neck with a small pillow. right now i’m using the soft neck supporter thingie louise is letting me use. i’m just not yet ready to go to my bedroom for the night. i may want to color some more and write that last letter to get mailed tomorrow.

alexa just told me that for the next week there is only a 14% chance of snow in sevierville. so, maybe, maybe not. i guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. i’d be happy if i NEVER saw any snow ever again! but, i know that’s not realistic cause it does snow here. just nowhere near the amount it snows in NH. so grateful i don’t have to deal with that any longer.

y’all have a nice night and sleep well. wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning.

take care,

early monday morning,

Blake didn’t call. i stayed awake til almost 10pm waiting.

Daisy has gained .4 of a pound. that’s good. i guess she just wanted something different to eat.

it feels good to know my home is clean. all i have to do this morning is make the bed and i’ll do that when Daisy gets up and comes into the living room to sleep on the loveseat.

today all i have to do after i finish work is get a few groceries.

just checked, my ss check has been deposited. my bills will get paid tomorrow. and i don’t have to write a single check to do it. it’s all done for me. i like that. i know that i’m probably part of the problem the post office has to raise the price of stamps but, that’s the way life goes. things change, methods change, attitudes change. nothing is static in life.

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7 days ago

Our post office employees were on strike for a few weeks but the government has legislated them back to work with mandatory arbitration.  Apparently mail delivery is down but parcel delivery is up.  In addition the government is sending out cannabis orders by mail!  That must add to the burden of work a lot.