4 days after christmas

christmas was good. it was great fun seeing the kids open their gifts. they pretty much got everything that was on their lists. they were pretty happy kids if i say so myself. pretty much everyone got what they wanted. dinner was super good. louise cooked a beef tenderloin. so good. medium rare. i do enjoy louise’s cooking. kenny, heather’s husband, got a new garage door opener and was installing it the next day. he was a happy camper. pat got 3 new blankets that he can wrap around himself when he gets cold at home. he is always cold and i’m always so warm at his house. don’t remember what louise got. oh, wait, pat got her some sort of expensive perfume and with it came a lot of new makeup and other stuff. she was really happy about that. all in all, christmas was good but, so loud and noisy and full of activity.

in 4 days i get to go home! i can hardly wait. it’s good to see family but, i’ve been away from home way too long. i want to be at home with just Daisy. i want quiet and the only sound to be noise i’ve made or Daisy have made. i need my tv on my programs, i need food that i’ve cooked. i need my bed, i need to be able to get up and go when i want, i just need to be home.

when louise gets back and writes me a check for the two weeks she’s been gone. i’m gonna go set up a christmas club account. this will make it easier for me to save money for christmas next year. i’ll get the amount i’ve saved over the year sometime around the first of november deposited into my checking account in time for me to buy christmas gifts. i think about a week after that i can start putting money back into it for the following christmas. i will be able to buy gifts next christmas.

Daisy and i sleep okay i guess. we sleep cold, though. i keep my thermostat at 60 at night and 65 during the day. ann keeps her’s at 62 all the time. i wish i had my electric blanket here. she does have the radiator type heaters in the bedrooms. i use the one in my room. otherwise, i don’t think i’d be able to sleep. my place is at 60 at night but, i have an electric blanket on at night. it’s cold here. she’s already told me she’s a miser when it comes to the electric bill. she lives in the dark with a cold apartment. i’m beginning to wonder if she’s a mole! right now, the only light is the tv. she keeps her blinds closed all day. odd duck.

i washed a load of clothes today. dried everything but my jeans. they get to air dry. i folded and repacked things in order to keep things in order. it won’t take long to get it all packed and ready to go into ann’s car on wednesday morning when she takes me to heather’s so, i can transfer my bags to pat’s car and we can head on home. we’ll be home about 4 hours after we leave heather’s. pat is coming home before louise cause he has 2 closings. i’m so glad, i don’t think i could stay here another week.

i got my bills ready to be paid on the 4th. i need to get back home and get my mail so that i can see what the payments are on 2 of them. i really don’t know what they are. i know how much i paid last month but, i don’t know how much to pay this month. won’t take but 5 minutes to get them ready to be paid once i know the amount.

7:10pm sunday
Blake called me a couple times today. he was on his way to a concert where his friend andy was playing. he said he would be seeing shelby. he said he wanted to make sure she was okay but, i think deep down he really wanted to see her hoping she’d want him back. he cried several times telling me about his idea of making sure she was okay. he wasn’t okay and i could tell cause he cried a couple of times. then, he got to the concert and called me again as he left. he cried again. this time he asked me if he was a good man. omygosh! my heart broke into a million pieces when he said that. i was close to tears then and i’m close to tears right now. i know he’s young but, i also know his heart is broken. he broke up with her but, he’s in a lot of pain right now. i sent him an email cause i thought snail mail would be too slow to tell him a few things. i don’t know how much of what i wrote he’ll take to heart but, i think he will keep it in the back of his mind and know that i know he’s a good man. please pray for his peace and his broken heart. i know that’s what i’ve been doing all day and will continue to do so til he’s found himself again.

i’m tired. i’m emotionally drained after talking with Blake.

take care,

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