a great idea i just got

from one of my readers and friends over at Open Diary. she, (Violet) suggested that i use the old shower curtain liner as a tarp for when i change and revitalize my old dirt in my pots. that is one great idea! i never would have thought to do that. so glad she thought of that and mentioned it to me. now, i have a reason to keep it in the way back of my jeep.

speaking of pots, i asked pat yesterday if he could drill several holes in the 2 metal pots i got saturday at that yard sale. he said he could. i’m gonna take them with me today and put them in his garage and tell him to do them whenever he has the time. i’m not in a real rush but, i really am but, i’m not gonna tell him that. you gotta know how to get a man to do what you want when you’re not his wife and can’t be all sweet and syrupy about it. maybe i’ll just buy myself a cordless drill? so, i don’t have to ask for help!

rain? what rain? here at my apartment, i think maybe it rained for 5 minutes but, it was so light that i couldn’t measure it in my gauge. less than 1/10 of an inch! that is not enuf rain to do much of anything except make Daisy decide she didn’t want to go pee after all! so, she didn’t, she came back inside and went to the office and used the pads.

another incredible idea from aoc… let’s abolish prisons. okay, let’s do that. and let a serial killer move in next door to her that was let out of a life sentence by her abolishing prisons, (he should have gotten the death penalty btw, instead, IMO) or maybe we could let a rapist move in on the other side of her apartment. perhaps, across the hall, we can move in an ms-13 gang member. they like to use machetes to kill their victims. yes, yes, yes, let us abolish prisons!! great idea! i’m suitably impressed by her ability to be really stupid and to actually voice it where other people can hear it. she’s got a whole lot of growing up to do. her brain is maturing as slowly as a male’s. my 29 yo grandson has some really stupid ideas like that as well. i figure they both have about 5 or 6 more years until their brains are fully mature. by then, i probably won’t care what goes on around me. i worry for Blake though, he’ll have to live and prosper? in their world.

got my list going for today when i get home. i only allow 4 things on that list each day. i see no reason for me to be doing stuff for hours after i get home. take 30 minutes, more or less, to get it done and then, that’s it for the rest of the day, i can shower and get in my comfy pjs and enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening.

it’s time for me to head out and get on with my day.

one day down on the 10 business day wait for my new lens.

3:11 pm
got my shower liner and curtain today but, i, thinking i’m gonna wait until the weekend to put it up or one afternoon when i’m not quite so tired as i am this afternoon. i did the kitchen today instead of the living room. i’m tired and the kitchen was fairly easy to dust and swiffer. dishes are done and i’m done.

had to learn something new today for pat. gave me a fierce headache by the time i did it. had to get a form from the environmental health dept for getting a septic tank permit report. had to save it someplace in dropbox and then, pat had to set up a signature for me to use every time i do one of these requests for him. and i’ve got to remember where to find it in dropbox. i think it’s active forms where he puts his active listings. headache… must stop thinking about it right now!!

got the plants under the porch roof watered. they are there cause they don’t do direct sun very well and they have to be watered more often than the ones that can handle the sun.

i’m tired.

take care,

early wednesday morning,
59 degrees going up to 80 degrees. sounds like a really nice day ahead.

i changed my mind yesterday when i got home. i decided to clean the kitchen instead of the living room. i was just too tired to dust and swiffer the living room. the kitchen was easier. so now, the office will be cleaned today. then, tomorrow, the living room and friday will be my bedroom. will try not to be so tired today so i can get my list of 4 done.

gotta do Daisy’s nails today when we get home. that’s easy. she just lays there and hides her face or turns her head away from me so she can’t see what i’m doing. it’s so funny to watch her do that. if i can’t see you, mommy, you aren’t doing anything to my feet. i know that’s what she’s thinking when she looks away for puts her face under a blanket. she’s so silly but, i love her so much!

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