alexa is reading a book to me!!

most amazing thing. i’m not sure i like it, though. i’m gonna have to get used to it. i’m not used to anyone reading to me. i like reading books myself. this might be good when i’m coloring. can do two things at once. i’ll think on it.

21 degrees out there. going up to 47. that’ll feel nice and warm later today. doctor today, sure do hope he will find something he can fix. if not, he’s fired and i’ll go to another doctor. last time i mentioned my neck hurting he told me to get a massage and use ice. right. he didn’t question anything. kinda like he didn’t care or wasn’t interested in going into why my neck hurt. this time he will or he’s fired!! not gonna deal with anyone who thinks just cause i’m older i should be hurting. it’s not like i’m asking for pain pills i’m asking for a solution to the tingling and numbness resulting in pain in my neck.

early friday morning,
it did not get up to 47 degrees yesterday! alexa was wrong, she’s telling me today will be 60. have to see about that. i do hope so, it would feel really nice if it did.

doctor. he is of the mind that it’s arthritis in my neck that’s causing all my discomfort and pain. i’ll get an xray next week, he gave me some medium strength muscle relaxors, some exercises to do at home til i get set up with pt. i dread pt cause last time i went i went for 3 months and all it did was get worse. but, i’ll give it a try and see how it goes. oh, he sais my neck muscles and shoulder muscles were tight and i should avoid ice and use a heating pad. okay, i’ll do that. he also told me to cut down on the ibuprofen if i could. that’s not happening. only way i can manage is with ibuprofen. gonna pray all that stuff works. or at least makes it go back down to a manageable amount of pain. right now, it’s not so bad.

been playing around with my echo dot. i’m thinking i’m gonna get a jawbone mini jambox wireless bluetooth speaker. i’m not sure yet, i’m reading all the questions and answers and then, i’ll read the reviews. that would be nice to have when i’m sitting outside with Daisy in the sunshine in the summer or when it’s relatively warm. i’ve read it can be hooked up to my echo but, i don’t understand that at all. says i can pair with my phone but, i don’t understand that either. and i’m not sure if my tv is bluetooth or not. probably not cause it’s probably 9 years old. might ask pat to come over and check it out for me. i’d love to have the sound from my tv on something like a wireless speaker on the table by my bed. that would be a good thing but, i’ve got more reading and searching to do before i get it.

today i’m getting a small battery that once i charge it i can charge my phone if it dies when i’m out and about. actually, it can charge my nook or my kindle or just about anything that can be charged. i have an android phone and it will charge that. now, i don’t have to worry about my phone dying on me. i’ll just stick it all charged up in my purse and forget about it til i need it. i had no idea these things existed til i saw louise’s things.

i have decided that if ben goes to nashville for christmas, i’m gonna have him take me home with him. i do not want to stay at ann’s for that length of time if i can avoid it. besides, i’d rather be at home with Daisy or at louise’s with Daisy and Baxter. don’t like being away from home much.

just paid my last bill. well, i made the last payment on it. the one i had from the urgent care place that i didn’t know i had cause they were sending it to the wrong address. well, i got the bill and just now i paid it. that’s off my chest for now. one less thing to worry about.

i’m seriously considering setting up a christmas account so i can save money and have some money to buy a few christmas presents next year. i’m also gonna buy one gift a month. even if it’s just one gift per person, at least, i will have given them something. i’m thinking a minimum of $20 per week. in a year’s time, that will be over $1000. surely i can buy gifts with that much? i’ll just have to be frugal and know something that person really wants.

i just fixed Daisy a bowl of her food mixed with some water, i’m gonna get some low sodium chicken broth to use instead of water, and i put some cut up turkey in it, warmed it up, mixed it up and called her to come and eat it. she ate every little bit of it. i’ll do this for her each morning and give her a little bit at night. she will gain back at least half a pound. she’s too thin, i think. now, i know how to get her to eat. most of what she ate was her food with a bit of cut up turkey in it. i’ll do whatever it takes to get her to eat. i’ll cook up some chicken for Daisy’s breakfasts. maybe at night, i’ll add a scrambled egg for her. i believe i have some carrots and i know i have green beans. like i said, i’ll cook everything and put it into small baggies for her to have added to her morning meal. i’ll still leave her food down all day. i mean the crunchy stuff. so, if she wants to nibble she can.

i have to clean this place this weekend. especially need to sweep and swiffer and get that darn last stool assembled. i’ve put it off long enuf. i’ll make a list later today cause i like lists. it makes me feel good to mark things off the list. i know i have to dust. i think i’ll put old english on the desk and the armoire this weekend. they are so pretty and i want to keep them that way. depending on how i feel i’ll either straighten up the pantry or not. i’d like to get things in there arranged in a way where i can find what i’m looking for. i’d love several more shelves. might look into that. i have the thingies that hold shelves up in cabinets that have the holes for the thingies. i just need shelves. might have to do some measuring this weekend and then next week go buy some wood or something, do they have shelves already made up to buy by size? i don’t know that. guess that’s something i’m gonna have to learn.

next on my agenda is two new over the toilet thingies. well, maybe just one. the one i brought with me is fine. it’s the one that got left here that’s a rusty mess. i’ll go searching on i can get money back there from ebates. can’t if i go to for some reason, ebates and amazon don’t play well together. i got the one i brought with me from bed, bath, and beyond. might check that out if they have one here.

1. post office
2. bank
3. gas
4. groceries
5. ollie’s for kcups
6. dust
7. sweep
8. swiffer
9. christmas cards
10. clean bathroom
11. rearrange pantry
12. clean out fridge
13. color
14. read
15. listen to music
16. learn all i can about alexa and her echo dot
17. clean off my dresser
18. water plants and clean up around them
19. cook up Daisy chicken, green beans, and carrots – put in baggies to freeze
20. write letters

some of the above will be done today before i get home. most of it will be done between the time i get home and sunday night. i don’t have to rush to get it done, i just have to(want to) get it done this weekend. some of it is relaxing and i’ll be able to do several of those all at once.

take care,

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