almost time to go

with the sun coming up earlier, i’m leaving home about an hour earlier. that means i have to get ready earlier. not having much time to goof off or read. i have 12 minutes i can write here. i asked alexa to set a timer for 13 minutes. when that’s up, i’m off getting things in the car and getting Daisy outside so she can do her things before we head out at 6:45 or so. she finds it necessary to pee a bit, then sniff, then pee more, then sniff, then poop and scratch the grass and then she heads to the car. if she doesn’t get to do this, she gets a bit cranky. it’s her morning routine. i have one and so does she! we’re pretty much equal in this relationship we have going for the last 8+ years. took time to figure hers out but, i did and now we get along rather well.

made a salad for my lunch. all my lunch stuff is in my lunch bag and so is the remainder of Daisy’s breakfast. i put it out for her at louise’s and she will finish it up there. i gave her the heartworm meds and the flea and tick meds this morning. the 5th of every month is when she gets it. no more shots for her after that one made a huge lump on the back of her shoulder. didn’t like that one bit, didn’t bother her, it bothered me beyond reason. so, i’d rather give it to her monthly and not have her get those shots.

haven’t heard from Blake since last thursday evening telling me he was about 3 hours from where he was staying that night in CT. i’m sure he made it there and on home. i saw yesterday where he had been on facebook about an hour earlier. so, he’s home. he starts his new job today. he worked at union coffee on sunday morning. i hope he’s happy at both jobs.

early wednesday morning,
i did it again. i got home, brought my things to the door, and cleaned out 5 pots yesterday, bags of groceries got brought inside and put away. fed Daisy, took a shower, and by then i was too tired and didn’t even think of coming here.

my office is still a mess. texted ben and asked him if he was done with it. nope, he said it needs one more coat and some touchup. asked him when he was gonna do that, he said on my next day off. that will be saturday! so, until then, i have to work in chaos. i straightened the room up as best i could, some things are just too heavy for me to move. i made sure to leave him room at the back of the room so he can work. next monday i will get that room back to being neat and tidy. as it is, i just plain ignore the mess as best as i can.

i’m slowly getting those pots emptied and refilled with good potting soil. it will do them good to sit out in the weather for the next 4 to 5 months. might not be able to do any on thursday and friday.

hey, i just realized that i get my christmas money in my checking account tomorrow! i’ll start the hunt for gifts soon and put them on my lists and then order them when i know they will arrive after my office is put back together.

i have two bags of food and toiletries for ben. i’m sure he probably needs some of what i’m giving him. t paste, t brush, tp, deodorant, trash bags, floss string, and a bag of food, easy things to cook, sweet stuff, small containers of peaches. just to let him know we’ve not forgotten him.

i’ve got to get going.

take care,

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