an inside cleaning day

dishes done, rug shaking done, sweeping done, now i just have to swiffer and wipe things down with a damp cloth. oh, and putting things back on the floor where they belong in the kitchen. i’m just stopping for a few minutes cause my hip hurts a bit. thought i’d stop for a bit before it got any worse. maybe make it feel better.

5 minute break every 30 minutes. that should keep things manageable. don’t you think?

next room will be the living room. starting with dusting everything.

listening to pandora. keeps me moving those 30 minutes i’m cleaning.

either i need more than 5 minutes or less than 30 minutes.

okay, kitchen is all done. all surfaces have been wiped down even the things on the walls. my kitchen i clean. once the air fryer is dry, i’ll put it away and all will be done in there.

i’ve started on the other bedroom. watering plants dusting all surfaces and some sides, sweeping, that’s about all i need to do in there. it’s not dirty, just a bit dusty and needs sweeping and vacuuming. i’ll get there. slow but steady as she goes. can’t do enough to make me hurt, just enuf to make me stop for a bit. okay, i rested and made a phone call. then, i finished that room. it’s all done and i know it’s all in my head but, the room just smells better and has a good feel to it, just like the kitchen.

i’m working on the bathroom now. shouldn’t take too long to get it clean and neatened up. i cannot stand messy. i can do controlled clutter but, not messy!

there is a smell in my bathroom! all i’ve got left to clean is the bathtub and the floor. no one pees down the side of the toilet onto the floor so, it’s not the floor that stinks! the tub really isn’t dirty. i clean it weekly just so it stays clean. i don’t know what smells. don’t know what to do about it, either. i’ll clean the floor and the tub and hope that makes whatever smells go away. of all rooms in the house, the bathroom shouldn’t smell but, right now it does. what is that smell?!!!!

i’m thinking tomorrow for the living room and my bedroom. i don’t think my neck can take anymore today. i’ll finish up in the bathroom and take a shower and then, that’s it for today. i’m beginning to hurt and i don’t like it. time to stop.

showered, pjs, and i did something i needed to do but had no idea how to do it til i stood there looking at it and knowing cigarette smell was coming from it so i sealed it up with gorilla glue!!! wasn’t sure it would work but, by golly, it does. you know that cone shaped thing on the shower head? well, it wasn’t sealed to the wall since i moved here and i could smell smoke every time i went into the bathroom. i stood there in the tub wondering what could i do to stop that smell. no, that wasn’t the other smell i was talking about. i wanted it sealed to the wall but, i have none of that shower head thingie sealer so, i kept looking at it and it just came to me, use gorilla glue or at least give it a try. what could it hurt? what do i have to lose? so, got the glue and made a glue circle around it where it should be attached to the wall. pushed the cone thing into the circle of glue and held it for a couple of minutes. then, i put a circle of glue around the cone with it in place so, i’m hoping it’s sealed for good now. i didn’t notice the foul stench of stale cigarette anymore. to someone who doesn’t smoke, never have, and never will, that stench is worse to me than sauerkraut!! it’s almost as bad as a week-long dirty litter box.

been coloring some today when i need to sit down and rest a bit. tomorrow is another day and the day i will clean my bedroom and my living room and the tub and the bathroom floor. i’ve done enough for today. i’m tired, my hip hurts, and my neck wants to hurt. i’m not ready for bed just yet but, i’m stopping the cleaning. i’ve done enough for today. time to rest. have to remember i’m not quite as young as i used to be.

color or read?

i do like the salt lamp in the kitchen. i read that it’s supposed to clean the air. i wonder if i opened my cabinets would get rid of the stench of smoke from them? again, what do i have to lose? i will forever be grateful to candidate Donald Trump for that saying. i love it and i use it a lot. i have 4 of them now. one in each of the rooms. they are perfect nightlights. i don’t need any other light on in any of the rooms now. i can walk around in the orange glow of the salt lamps.

i also need to write some letters tomorrow. i’ve slacked off on that and i don’t like it.
and i need to schedule the payment of my bills, they need to go out by tuesday. i do it now online and it still makes me nervous. i’m sure i’ll get used to doing it like that but, it’s kinda hard to after so many years of writing checks. do you know how hard it was to get me to use a debit card? i resisted for years. raymond never did have a debit card. he always wrote checks. so, i always wrote checks. habit, i guess. but, i finally got a debit card and saw how easy it was to use and to keep track of so, now, i rarely have cash. and i don’t think i’ve written a check in 2 months. i’ll get used to it, i’m sure, but, it does take time for an old dog to learn a new trick and be comfortable with it!

take care,

good sunday morning, it’s early, a little after 4am. i’ve been up and down, wide awake for a couple hours now. but, i did get a bit over 7 hours sleep. i feel pretty good. my neck hasn’t much chance to start hurting so, it won’t be long til i’m up and cleaning in the living room. i want it and my bedroom done today and i want to finish up in the bathroom. i opened the kitchen cabinet lower doors to see if that and the effect of the salt lamp will make that stench go away.

i kinda got started on the living room. folded the blanket i use when i sit out here and read. it’s back where it lives when i’m not using it for warmth. that’s about as far as i got. think i need more coffee to get truly motivated.

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