dangerously cold wind chills

don’t think i’ll be spending much time outside today. weatherman just said that the windchills will be from -5 to -8 in the higher elevations today and tonight. that includes gatlinburg. i’m not in gatlinburg but i am in the foothills so it’s gonna be downright chilly around here when i get home. think Daisy and i will be staying inside once we get home. she may want to go out to pee so, i will take her out but, she gets no more than one minute to do her thing out there before i grab her up and bring her back inside.

makeup and hair done. pretty sure i know what i’m wearing. just have to dress in layers today, as does Daisy. i’ve got some errands to run after work this afternoon. gonna have to do them in a big hurry and be outside for as little an amount of time as possible. might have to turn on the heaters when i get home so i don’t freeze to death after my shower.

6:36 pm
my goodness! it took several tries to get my alexa echo dot set up. not sure what the problem was, well, my not wanting it on my phone might have been the problem. i set it up on my laptop. i prefer to do that so i did and i guess that’s why i had problems. anyway, it’s set up and playing my pandora music list. i saw that it can read some of my kindle books to me. it has iheart radio so now, i can listen to rush again. so many podcasts to sit and listen to. weather, news, traffic. ask her all sorts of questions. i got it on sale i think it was on black friday for $24.99. i think it was even less on cyber monday but, by then, i had already ordered it and it was on the way. i’m happy. for $25 this little thing can do so much and it makes me happy.

got my laundry washed, dried, hung up. there’s still some i need to fold and put away. i’ll get that done soon so i can forget about laundry for a few days. it’s just one of those things that has to be done over and over and over and over. i made a meatloaf in the air fryer. i learned not to put a big one in the basket. i learned to make patties for buns with it. takes less time to cook and as they are thinner than the ‘loaf’, they cook more evenly. from now on i make meatloaf patties, not loaves. i’m gonna go put the 2nd stool together soon as i finish this entry and crosspost to open diary. and then, i’m taking a shower.

oh, when i got to louise’s this morning, i noticed it had snowed there, well more like a bit of a dusting. in fact, they didn’t even look like snow, more like snow pellets. they came and went off and on during the day, all day. alexa said there were snow showers in sevierville about 20 minutes ago. goodness! i love alexa already!

little miss Daisy has asked to go out to pee twice tonight! i’m so proud of her! she just sits down in front of me and stares at me. i know it’s time to take her out.

i just found a bunch of paranormal podcasts with lots of conspiracy theories! those are gonna be so much fun to listen to. i used to listen to art bell in the middle of the night many years ago. i understand he’s retired and george noory has taken over the show coast to coast. now, i can listen to it during the day. it won’t be live but, my goodness! it’ll be good fun to hear all about the gray aliens that visit people and about the alien abductions, and the theories about what’s going on over in area 51 and bigfoot, monsters in the rivers in the jungles in south america and africa, just all sorts of weird stuff that gets my mind off poliics! there are just times when one has to escape all the crap that’s going on in this world.

got my shower and i’m shivering. i’ll warm up soon. not sure i’m gonna be putting the stool together tonight after all. i’m thinking i’ll spend my time better if i fold and put away my laundry instead. that stool will be there in the morning and even tomorrow afternoon when Daisy and i get home.

take care,

early wednesday morning,
it’ cold. asked alexa about the weather today. she said it was 27 degrees at 3:30 going down to 26 but, it will be sunny and 39 later on today. wonder what she’ll say is i ask her about the news? might have to give it a try. can’t hurt. all she can do is nothing, say she has no idea, or give me the news.

i just finished with my laundry. all put away and hung up or folded and put away. it didn’t take long, just didn’t feel up to it last night. now, all i have staring me in the face is that 2nd stool. will try to do it this afternoon as soon as i get home.

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