didn’t write friday/today is saturday

good morning,
was too busy yesterday to even think about writing so, that means i was just too darn busy!!! gonna try not to let that happen again. i feel sorta lost if i don’t write every day. but, i did sit down and read a lot. i’m rereading a dead tree series of books by christine feehan. it’s the dark series. fantasy, a good race of people who if they don’t find their true lifemate they turn into evil vampires. battles with the vampires, rescuing damsels in distress who just happen to be captured by the evil vampires and turn out to be a lifemate when the carpathian can see color and feel emotions again. they lose that when they so old, centuries, so they are always on the lookout for ‘her’. i think there are 32 books in the series, i only have about 25 of them. i’ll go looking for the ones i don’t have when i can. just finished book 1, so i have some time.

i put the electric blanket on our bed. i’m not quite ready to take down the window fans just yet. soon, i’m sure, it is mid-october. Daisy and i slept good i think. she got up once and i discovered that she didn’t go pee, she just got up to get some water. took her out about an hour again. she really had to go, too! she held it all night so when she got the chance she really let go!

the morning temps are in the upper 40s to lower 50s. the daytime temps are in the 60s. i just threw together some veggies for soup/stew in my crockpot. i’ll add some potatoes when i get back from the grocery store and dump and checking to see if louise needs help getting her house clean for the company that’s coming next week. she said she didn’t think she would cause the house is just messy not dirty cause she cleaned really good last weekend. still, i’ll go by and check if she needs help.

i do wish that woman that lives below me with her 3 dogs would keep them quieter. they bark and bark and howl and i know she’s home but, she does nothing to stop them from barking. i don’t let Daisy bark like that. she gets a couple barks out and then i stop her. no way am i gonna let her bother neighbors. i don’t mind barking once in a while but, good grief, those dogs are noisy. guess it’s time to turn on the music.

i think i’m gonna bring in my christmas cactus plants. i’m thinking it’s getting a bit on the chilly side for them to be outside. saw the weather this morning and over the next 10 days, it’s only gonna be above 70 one day and that’s 71. so, yeah, i’ll be bringing them in today. gonna have to tell my sisters that are coming next weekend to bring some jackets cause they are NOT used to 60s for highs in florida. i’m loving this cooler weather. not so sure Daisy is either. she’s needing a sweater these days.

let’s see, after i got up, woke up, and got dressed, i loaded the car up with trash and Daisy and i headed to the dump. then, off to louise’s. i planned on helping her clean the house some cause she has company coming on monday and staying til thursday or friday and then, she’s got more coming in on friday til sunday but, the whole week she has our neice and nephew, kids, 13 and 10. she wanted to go to the liquor store in knoxville, so, i went with her. we talked the whole way there and back. it was good to spend time with her, just us. when we got back, i dusted and wiped out window sills and cleaned up dead bugs on the window sill in the room where pat’s brother and wife will stay. then, i vacuumed. helped her strip the bed in the room where our nephew will sleep. after that, i went to get a few groceries, came back to her house and gathered up Daisy, told louise to call me if she needs any help tomorrow.

now, i’m home, got the groceries put away. added mushrooms, diced tomatoes, and some baby red potatoes into the veggie soup i started at 9 this morning. so good! i love homemade soup. got up this morning and decided that it was soup making weather so, that’s what i did. just gonna let it continue to sit in there and cook on low for a while longer. want the potatoes to get done.

Daisy is back on the bed under the blankets and i have the electric blanket on low for her! me, too, for when i decide to head off to bed. i had to put a sweater on her in the house. i’m comfortable but, she was shivering. i can’t have my little girl cold and shivering. she’s too little for that. must keep her warm.

i have 2 bottles of wine, i bought one at the grocery store and louise bought me one at the liquor store. will probably take me a month of sundays to drink them. both of them are white moscato. i really do like moscato wine. i’ve tried reds and i think there was only one that i could even consider drinking. it was a red moscato. and i do like the pink moscato. i like sweet wine. none of this dry stuff for me. i’m gonna have to make a lot of ice cubes cause i drink my white wine in a glass filled with ice cubes. cold sweet wine.

no more, i am NOT ever gonna do this again. what you may ask? well, you know two sisters and a hubby are coming up to see our aunt. it leaked out and the old nosy busy body biddy of a sister in nashville, called one of the sisters to let her know that she knew they were coming up. now, what would make ann think it was okay to tell jane that? she did it cause she’s a bitch!! that’s the only reason she would do that. she called louise and laughed about it when louise told her she was gonna get me in trouble with jane. i am beyond furious! i will never be part of something like this again.! not gonna hide anything from anybody. tell ‘em right out or don’t bother telling me. i’m not doing it again. this is absurd! she’s mad at them, they aren’t talking to them. nope, this is not the way family should be and i don’t care one little bit if jane, joe, and jolinda come up or not. i’m not gonna deal with something like that again. so mad at myself for getting myself into this mess in the first place. i am beyond furious with ann about this. there was no real reason for her to call jane. she rarely does but, she just HAD to let her know that she knew they were coming up. ann isn’t gonna drive over to see them so, i don’t know why she had to call jane. she’s an old biddy, that’s why!!! she’s the person that makes you NOT want to be a christian. to listen to her, she’s right up there with God. and now i know why she hasn’t called me for a few days. she knows i’ll be mad. i’d like to thump her a time or two or three!

my veggie soup is smelling really good right about now. the potatoes aren’t quite done so, it cooks a bit longer. i have so much of it. maybe i’ll offer the lady next door a big bowl of it and take louise some for her lunch on monday. i didn’t mean to make such a big amount of soup. i only wanted a small amount but, it kept getting fuller and fuller. soup seems to multiply. that’s okay, it’s chilly and soup is good. well, maybe it’s more like a stew cause it is thick and full of veggies.

take care,

early sunday morning,
rather than call ann and confront her about her busy body mouth, i’ve decided that i’m gonna wait for her to call. she knows she was wrong by calling jane cause louise told her so. i’m gonna just wait, make her think i’m unaware or over it and then, i will find out what made her think that was a good thing to do.

the soup i made was so good. i’m thinking i need to add some bacon to it. isn’t everything better with bacon? i don’t want burger in it but, bacon is a good idea. the lady next door had already eaten dinner and some other lady had just given her a bowl of her veggie soup for dinner tonight. i’ll just eat it today, tomorrow, and for however long it takes me to finish it. i do love veggie soup. need to set it out so the crockpot can warm up a bit before i put back in and heat it up again. i may even add some more baby reds to the mix. can never have too many potatoes.

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October 14, 2018

Soup sounds delicious.  I like the idea of putting a lot of ice cubes in your wine.