early sunday morning,

okay, here goes the photos of my new cookware.
pots and pans

mixing, measuring, and straining

spatulas and stuff

knives and covers

flexible cutting boards

told you i don’t much care for matchy-matchy! make my kitchen colorful and interesting. i’ll buy this next weekend after my christmas money makes it to my checking account. i have christmas gifts to buy and i hope to have most of them bought by mid-november and all wrapped and the gifts i have to ship to florida all shipped before the 1st of december. then, i can just simply sit back and watch all the people hurry and scurry around trying to get things done! once i get the pots and pans and other stuff, i’ll go through what i have and keep only my favorites or what i use. i WILL keep my 2 cast iron pans. i love those things. they are wonderful to cook in and so easy to keep seasoned. i just put 3 sets of flatware on my amazon list. now, i have to make a choice of what i want to be my forever flatware. do i want rose gold? do i want blue? do i want stainless steel? they all have good reviews. it’s up to me now.

have the kitchen cleaned and the floor swept. the bathroom has been dusted and wiped down. the floor has been swept and the rugs shook. i’ll dust the office and sweep or swiffer. then, i’ll only have the living room and bedroom to do when Daisy and i get back from our shopping.

it’s 6:20, yesterday it was 7:20. i had to wait until after 7:30 to leave cause i don’t like to drive in the dark. if this works out like i think it will, i’ll be leaving before 7:00. that way, i’ll avoid all the school traffic and the work traffic to dollywood. the entrance for the employees is less than a half-mile from my road. so many parents take their kids to school. traffic is awful at the one left turn i have to make. there is no traffic light there and it sometimes takes me 10 minutes before i can turn left. i’m pretty sure the time change will make it better for me for a little while and then, it will start staying dark again til 7:30. just something i have to deal with. i’m thinking when it gets dark like that i’m just gonna wait until 8 am to go to work and work a half-hour later than i usually do. 6:57 am. it’s daylight out there now. i will be leaving around 6:45 for a while and the time i leave will get later and later until i’m back to leaving after 7:30.

yesterday i took out one of the people food mixtures i made for Daisy. brown rice, green beans, carrots, peas, ground beef, and chicken livers. called for her to come to eat breakfast, she came, she sniffed, and went back to bed. nope, she’s back up and i think she’s eating her breakfast. nope, she left the kitchen and headed back to bed. she’ll eat when she’s ready. not gonna force her but, in all reality, i can’t make her eat anything! she’ll eat when she’s hungry.

rose gold flatware $30 setting for 4

stainless steel flatware $30 setting for 8

blue flatware $30 setting for 4

i don’t know if i want the 2 colored sets which end up being settings for 8 or if i want the stainless set which is already for 8. cheaper if i go for the stainless but, i don’t know if that’s the way i want to go. i’ll have to think about it.

oh, everyone is welcome to give their opinion on any or all the photos above.

i am LOVING the daylight earlier in the morning!!! just loving it!!!

yesterday, i stopped at the dollar general for a loaf of bread. omygosh!!! i thought maybe $2.50 but, it was $3.47 with the tax!!! i will only stop there if there’s something i desperately need and i did really need that bread to make a sandwich. i have to say that dollar general is on the way to gatlinburg and is in a place where there are a lot of rentals. so, maybe that’s why it was so much. i think today i will stop at the dollar general near louise when Daisy and i go into ollies. it will be interesting to see if there is any difference due to location.

7:43 am
i just made a great decision… Daisy and i are staying home today. i can always go to ollie’s and rose express tomorrow when i get off work! i don’t have to go today. i can stay home and clean and then when it’s warmer, we can go outside and i can work in my pots and get them ready for spring.

i just ordered a set of powder puffs for both me and shirley. her hubby said he drove to 4 or 5 places and no one has them anymore. he also went on amazon to look for them but, said he couldn’t find any. i went on amazon just now and found 7 pages of powder puffs!! he lies to her all the time about going on amazon to look for what she wants. then, because he knows she can’t see what he’s doing or more like NOT doing, he tells her they aren’t on amazon either. i went online to amazon and typed in ‘powder puff’ and found 7 pages of them. i told her i found 7 pages and i told her she would be getting a set of 3 on tuesday. if he’s gonna be a jackass to her, i’m gonna help her as much as i can. he can’t control me and tell me not to do it anymore, cause no man tells me what to do anymore!!!! i do exactly what i want to do!!! so there!!!!

soon as it warms up some, Daisy and i will go out in the warm sunshine and i’ll work in my pots and she can wander or plop down somewhere. in the meantime, i think i’m gonna go watch a movie my brother told me about this morning… wine country. he says it’s funny as heck. chick flick, women turning 50 and off on a weekend to celebrate.

11:56 am
just took Daisy out again. she wandered a bit. then, she came to me and let me know she was cold and wanted to go inside. it is a bit on the chilly side out there. i’m gonna wait a bit until i go out and work in my pots. needs to be a bit warmer for both of us to want to stay out in the fresh air and sunshine. i’ve gathered up the pots where the cold has killed or severely damaged the plants in them. gonna pour a large amount of fresh potting soil on the shower curtain liner, put the plants in a trash bag, mix the fresh potting soil with the old and refill the pots. only this time, i’m gonna not fill them as much as i usually do cause i want to have room for the mulch in the spring. the mulch is a wonderful thing. it keeps the water from splashing out the dirt when i water!

2:11 pm
Daisy and i just came inside. i took her out with me when i went out to clean out 5 pots and refill them with the mixed potting soil. i did use the old shower curtain liner and it was perfect for the job. again, thank you violet for suggesting that to me. not sure what i would have done had you not said something.

i think i’m gonna go take a shower and get into clean pjs. i cooked up some sliced cubed steak. 2 for me with garlic and 2 for Daisy with just a tiny bit of salt. i split hers into 2 containers. one for the fridge to use for her meals and one went into the freezer for another week.

after the shower, i’m gonna go get warm on my bed and then, i’ll read or watch some mindless tv. i’m tired of politics. so much happened while Blake was here and i missed that now when i’m trying to catch up, all i get is a massive headache. it’s not worth it. i’m gonna start watching netflix a lot and forget about the news for a while.

take care,

early monday morning,
woke up at 2:30 this morning which was 3:30 saturday morning. i’ll get used to the time change.

i can hardly wait til thursday afternoon when i can start ordering my new kitchen things. looking forward to getting rid of the dull and uninteresting stuff! and i can start ordering christmas, too.

i’m thinking today will be another day of renewing the pots with dead plants. that will be done when i finish with my shopping at ollie’s and rose express. it doesn’t take long to fix the pots with fresh potting soil. shouldn’t be too much longer til i have them all fixed up and just waiting for spring.

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