early tuesday january 8

good morning,
i think today is gonna be a much better day than yesterday. not coughing as much and i think i slept better. i can almost taste my coffee today. i can think this morning and am not going in circles trying to focus on what i’m doing and failing miserably. so, yeah, it’s gonna be better.

Blake sounds good. i love it when he calls me even if he keeps me from sleeping. i’d rather talk with him than sleep. asked him if his parents know what he’s up to or anything about his life. he said he keeps it on a superficial level with them so as to not rock the boat with the reconnection with them. so, i guess that’s a no? so, i guess i’m his ‘home’ connection right now. don’t mind a bit. i’ll listen to him whenever he wants to talk. he has known from age 16 months that i am always available to him for whatever he needs if it’s in my power to give it to him. i love him so much. said he’s gonna get hold of cameron and work out some sort of time frame to get me photos of the two of them.

i’m ready to go but, it’s too dark and i don’t think anyone at louise’s will be up yet. most mornings they are still in pjs and drinking coffee, though louise is often in her robe working on her hair. we talk for a couple of minutes and then i head upstairs to work for 4 hours. we usually head home around noon unless i have some errands to run and then, i leave Daisy til i’m done. most times i’m back to get her within an hour.

today is trash day. i put it on my walkway and when i get home it’s gone! how wonderful is that? pretty doggone wonderful, i say!

i got home and i discovered that dogs, most likely the ones downstairs, had gotten into my trash. i had the chicken bones in a bag in another bag and that bag was tied up tight. i found the plastic bottom of the chicken container in the yard with a bit of the trash scattered. no bones anywhere. so, i cleaned it up and put in the trash inside. i’m gonna have to put up some sort of barrier next tuesday morning so the dogs don’t get to my trash before it’s picked up. wonder where the bones are? you think they are in the tummy of one of those dogs? i do.

i made Daisy another batch of food to be bagged and frozen for her. this time i added carrots to the mixture. i know she’ll love it. i give her 1 tablespoon of the mixture per meal. that way, she gets mostly her food but, it’s softened and has the mixture in it so it tastes really good to her.

i need to dust and swiffer but, i just don’t have the energy to do it yet. hopefully, this weekend will a productive one.

i forgot to bring home the rest of my laundry today. i told myself not to forget it but, i did. need to write myself a note so i don’t forget it. i need to get it home and put away. it’s mostly dark clothes and jeans. i also need to get the container that got left at louise’s before we left for nashville. notes, i must write myself notes. otherwise, i seem to forget if it’s not right in front of my face.

it’s 6:17pm. i’m afraid if i go to bed now, i’ll fall asleep and miss the President’s address tonight at 9pm. i want to hear it. maybe i should go ahead and set the dvr to record it so i can watch it in the morning. i know i’ll wake up early but, i’m just wiped out now. no more energy in me.

take care,

early wednesday morning,
the food i made for Daisy last night ended up being enough for 2 more weeks plus a bit for last night. now, i don’t have to cook again for a couple of weeks for Daisy. i’ll try to stay a couple weeks ahead so i don’t run out if i get sick like i have been. i’m just so glad she’s eating again. 1.5 cups of rice, 3/4 can of rinsed green beans, 1.5 cups of chicken or turkey or ground beef, about a half cup of shredded carrots. i cook the rice and carrot bits til both are done then, i add the other two ingredients and let it all cool. then, 2 heaping tablespoons of the mixture in a baggie to be split between breakfast and dinner. i’m working on the correct amount of her food to start with before i add the mixture. don’t want her to gain weight but, i do want her to eat.

i just listened to President Trump and then i listened to chuck and nancy. i’m not sure how i think about them just yet. i know there really is a crisis at the southern border and something has to be done to stop the influx of drugs, ms13 members, possible terrorists from the middle east and africa, and the human traffickers. a wall/barrier/ fence plus more border agents, more judges to facilitate the processing of requests for asylum, more doctors to care for the sick that do make it into our country and we also need to be able to return those that are denied asylum back to their country of origin. i’m not gonna let anyone who sneaks into my home stay in my home and take care of them for life just as i don’t believe this country should do the same for illegals who sneak into the country. i would use locked doors and windows and my gun if it became necessary. then, i’d call the police. the congressmen and women who live in gated communities do it for a reason – safety. and why shouldn’t the rest of us have that sense of safety? so, let’s build the fence/barrier/wall so we can have the same feeling of safety. what’s fair for the goose is fair for the gander, don’t you think? i’d feel pretty safe to walk outside at night in a gated community but, i don’t really now. i feel bad for those that have come here and are turned away but, they shouldn’t have come here in the first place or get this, perhaps they should have done it the legal way instead of sneaking in and taking advantage of this country’s big and generous heart. after a while, a big and generous heart gets sick and tired of being taken advantage of by others. hummm, i guess i do know how i feel about them, don’t i?

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