friday morning

i’ll be writing this off and on this morning and when i get home this afternoon. so much to say about our visit. let me say this: it was so wonderful to see him! he’s beautiful and kind and sweet and loving and caring. he’s grown up to be a very good young man. i love being around him. its fun to be with someone who is so energetic and full of life and has so many plans even if he does none of them. i want him to always look forward to the future but enjoy the present.

let’s see, i woke up on monday morning around 12:30 and found him sound asleep on my loveseat. found my key on the kitchen table. he said he had to search to find the right thermometer where it was hidden. he said he didn’t want to wake me so, he was just about to use my side yard the same way Daisy does when he saw the thermometer right where i told him it was. he said he felt really dumb about that cause i told him on the outside of the railing. there it was! he slept until around 9 and then we gathered up my things and put them in my car. he followed me in his. then, all the hellos and what are you gonna do? i got Daisy all set up in my office with food, water, a bed, a blanket, and piddle pads. she was my first priority.

he said his hellos and then, we planned our day. the first place we went to was to the Old Forge Distillery for moonshine for gifts to kurt and cameron from me. i got kurt some french toast moonshine and an original blend. i let Blake choose cameron’s so, he ended up with peach moonshine and oatmeal cookie moonshine. and i bought Blake a peach moonshine and for myself i got chocolate. we had lunch at the old mill cafe. he saw a shop across the street called Hikey Mikey. we went there and Blake talked with the owner for a long while. i think he lived the trail thru the stories Blake was telling him about his hike on the AT. so, the man took Blake’s photo and got his info about his real name, his trail name, and when he started and when he ended so he could put the photo and info on his shelf where he puts photos and info about all the thru-hikers in his shop. he gave Blake a tee shirt just cause he enjoyed talking with and listening to Blake. that was nice. then, we headed to ripley’s aquarium for a couple of hours.he liked the jellyfish the best and i liked the sea horses and sea dragons best. after that, we walked to the tennessee cider company. i bought a growler of watermelon hard cider. he bought two growlers of red apple hard cider for him and a friend of his in the freemasons. then, we went to NOC. that’s a big huge outdoor store. he looked at a lot of things and tried on a few. i bought myself a bottle of keeva sweet cider. i’m using the 3 bottles of alcohol i bought for myself as decoration on my kitchen table. i had zero thought of drinking any of them. i just wanted something different than the 3 bottles of wine i had there. since i put my 3 favorite wines there and usually drank them, i had decided to buy 3 bottles of wine that i don’t like so i wouldn’t drink them. now, i know i won’t drink the moonshine or the 2 bottles of hard cider!! this was all done on monday.

now, on tuesday, we decided to go to the arts and crafts community in gatlinburg to look around. it’s an 8-mile circle of stores and small businesses where artists make and sell their wares. i bought some blue stones that were in a jar and had a wonderful scent… the scent is ‘southern nights.’ beautiful smell when i walk into my bedroom and it’s supposed to last for 6+ months. we had lunch at a small cafe in one of the small malls. it was okay. nothing to write home about. then, i think we went back to louise’s for the rest of the day. saw some of the most beautiful handblown glass items i’ve ever seen. some of them were upwards of $550+! just wow! there was one shop where the man carved wood into beautiful animals and scenes. there was a quilt shop. i bought angela a bundle of 7 squares for quilting. maybe it will inspire her to set up her sewing room and get back to quilting? she has a whole room to set up and leave set up so she can quilt to her heart’s content and doesn’t have to put anything away cause it’s her room. she’s not doing anything now except working and playing a video game? and that’s kinda silly, imho! after dinner, louise, me, and Blake played cards for a while. it’s been a while since i’ve played rummy but, i was able to quickly remember how to play.

wednesday, we went back to Hikey Mikey’s cause Blake took off his sweatshirt to try on teeshirts and forgot it. the owner already had Blake’s photo in a frame and on the shelf. that made both of us proud. it was nice seeing him up there on the shelf with all the other thru-hikers that had been in the store. then, we went back to NOC, the big hiking/camping/outdoor store in gatlinburg. Blake wanted to look around again. so, i sat with his stuff/backpack and watched a cartoon movie. it passed the time and i enjoyed it. i think it was called ‘boog.’ anyway, it kept me occupied while he did his thing.

and then, on wednesday we all went to be fairly early, i was falling asleep on the couch watching ‘blue blood’ with pat and Blake. pat didn’t care for anthony bourdain’s show. i was liking that but, pat is in control of the remote.

thursday morning, Blake wanted to leave at 5. when i got up it was very and i mean very foggy. hoped Blake would sleep past his alarm. he did!! at least, he was able to get out in daylight if it had to be foggy but, the fog had mostly lifted. he called me around 6 last night to let me know he was about 3 hours from CT where he was gonna spend the night with a friend. he said he drove thru tornado warning areas and lots of rain. he will be home today cause he’s going to a halloween party tonight. i know halloween was yesterday but, the weekend is best for parties!

he starts his new job on monday or tuesday. depends on when he can get the paperwork filled out and processed. it was sad seeing him drive off toward the north headed home. my heart hurt and i had a pain inside seeing him leave. i wanted him to stay but, i know that was impossible cause he has a life in NH.

we talked a lot. well, he talked a lot about his plans. who knows if he’ll ever do what he plans? i know i sure don’t. i had plans when i was young but, they never came to fruition. maybe his will? i can only hope.

i’m slowly getting my house back in order. both Daisy and i missed our home. she was super happy when i asked her if she wanted to go home. i refrained from saying the word ‘home’ in front of her cause she loves her home and gets excited on a normal day when we’ve been away for only 6 or 7 hours. how excited would she get after almost 4 days? VERY excited!!

we’re home and i’m still on the high from seeing Blake. oh, he wouldn’t let me take pictures of him. i had to sneak a couple but, he didn’t like it at all!

take care,

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