gonna be a good day!

cause i don’t have to go anywhere when i finish up at noon. just grab up Daisy and head on home. it will be good to be home. i still have that stool to assemble. i also need to sweep and then swiffer. have tiny bitty pieces of styrofoam on the kitchen floor. love my home. somebody said that it doesn’t look like an apartment, it looks like a home. that was my plan, to make it look like home for me and Daisy. i feel i have accomplished that.

i need to go outside and start the car cause it’s cold and i don’t want to get into a cold car and have to wait while it warms up on the way, i want warm right NOW!!

early thursday morning,
the doctor appointment day seemed to come pretty quickly. for that, i’m grateful.

came home yesterday after i dropped off pat’s christmas cards at the post office. i had to sign his name to about 100 of them seal them, and put stamps on them first. got that done and headed home. i’m not sure about the ones that he wanted to sign and put a personal note in. he didn’t say, i didn’t ask. i’ll ask today.

once Daisy and i got home, i’m not sure what i did. i see no evidence of anything that i did. i know i didn’t cook or eat. not even sure i had coffee. i can’t remember when i went to snuggle with Dasiy. i know i woke up around 11;15pm and drifted on back to sleep around 12;30. i woke up for good at 3:40am. and my fitbit needed to be charged but, i didn’t know it so i don’t think my sleep registered at all. it’s charging now.

speaking of charging, i got my 6 port usb charging station yesterday. overnight it charged 3 different devices. i could have charged my fitbit, had i known it needed it and i could have charged my nook as well as my kindle. i like this little charging port. now, i don’t have to have charging cords all over the house. they are all in one spot. i just have to check as soon as i get home to see in my bluetooth or fitbit needs to be charged. it’s small and can be out of the way and not very noticeable.

alexa just told me that it’s 23 degrees going up to 47 degrees. somewhat cloudy with a 40% chance of rain around 1pm. i’m testing her out to see how accurate her weather reporting is on a daily basis. now, i’m listening to her give me the daily briefing on the news and in history. now, i’m listening to the Trump news. interesting. if i felt like it, she’d play my pandora music. or read to me. i’ve got to get that one figured out. i’m liking this little echo dot. glad i got it.

i got my christmas gifts to me already. between the table and stools, the charging port, and the echo dot, i spent less than $100 on me. one of these days i want to get myself a couple of the things louise has. they need to be charged but, you carry them with you so you can charge your phone if it needs to be charged when you are away from home and can’t get to anywhere to charge it. and then, there’s that little silver thing she has that will play her music. it’s not a dot or anything like that. it’s really an interesting little thing. that i’d like to have. one day, maybe, if i ever learn what it’s called. i had no idea either of those things existed til i saw them at louise’s.

first sip of coffee sure is good. wish it had that first sip taste everytime i had it. i’ve got to go to ollie’s tomorrow and get a box of 100 kcups. best price around for some good coffee. can’t see spending $15 for 40 kcups, when i can spend $30 or less for 100 and the coffee is just as good, if not better. makes no sense to me. but, then, most of the time, i am logical. some people i know are not. i think it’s cause she doesn’t want to step a foot inside a discount store like ollie’s. she doesn’t like to go to walmart either cause she doesn’t like the poeple that go there. not sure what that’s all about cause every time i’ve gone everybody has been so nice to me. sometimes, i think she may have snobbish attitudes about certain things or people. oh, well, she’s good-hearted and has a soft spot for animals and children. gotta love her however she thinks!

i just looked on the alexa app on my laptop. omygosh! there are so many things she can do. i’ll spend saturday checking out how it works and what it can do. it’s gonna take forever to get it figured out. i thought it only played music and told you the weather and time. it’s so much more!!

Daisy is down to 9#!!! i don’t like that! not one little bit. i’ve noticed she’s not eating much lately. but, this morning when i fixed her some carrots, some turkey, and warm water to soften her dog food she ate it all. so, i guess that’s what i’m gonna start doing for her. cooking her chicken, carrots, green beans and adding that with some warm water and mixing it all up, waiting for it to soften the dog food and feeding her that. i’ll make it all up, freeze it in small packages all ready to use when it’s time for her to eat. will just have to thaw it and add warm water to mix it all up with the dog food.

that 6 port usb charger was able to charge my fitbit in less than an hour to full charge. i love that! small steps into the techie world. i may get there but, i may just stay right where i am – comfortable with what i have. i don’t want to overwhelm me anymore than i already am.

today, i’m taking my work laptop down to pat’s office to have him show me step by step how to put pictures in the blogs i write for louise for her website. i’m fine getting the blog written and on her website but, i have completely forgotten how to put pictures. i’ve got the pictures on the desktop and in a file but, for the life of me, i cannot figure out how to get them from either place to the blog!! i did it once. but, that’s the problem, i did it ONCE!! need to do it more and write it down so i can follow the instructions til i have it down pat. you can’t just tell me and expect me to remember. i learn by writing it down and doing it several times by following directions and then, it’s mine.

i think when i get home today, i’m gonna turn on my room heater in the other bedroom, close the door, make sure Daisy is comfy in her bed in there, and color for a while. NOT go to bed and sleep the afternoon and early evening away. i’ve got to get myself on a better schedule. but, then, i think about it and what does it really matter as long as i can work for pat and do the things i need to do for me and Daisy? so what if i’m up at 3 in the morning doing stuff? if i get sleep in the late afternoon and early evening and can function, why should i sleep at night? if this schedule is better for me, what does it matter? i’ll have to think on that.

i really should take care of that other stool today when i get home. it’s sitting there, under the table, in pieces. probably wouldn’t take me long at all to make it sittable! ha!! i just made up a new word and grammarly doesn’t like it!! good, i do though!

take care,

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