good morning, monday!!

the weatherman is saying depending on how things set up, there is a chance for a wintery mix this weekend. okay, i’ll be home, inside and warm so i don’t really care. if it were during the week, i’d probably wait a bit before i left the house depending on the roads. hasn’t happened yet so, i’ll have to wait and see what i do.

all i’ll have to do today when i get home is put away groceries. all the cleaning is done so it’ll be shower and pjs. then, i’ll color or read depending on how i feel at the time. i’ve been coloring a little bit each day. the pictures i’m coloring are so full of tiny details that it takes a long time to get a page done. the coloring book i’m using now is full of fantastical images and creatures so, it really doesn’t matter what color i use but, i’m laying down a light base color and then building layer upon layer to get the color i think i want. then, i take my blender pencil and go over it blending the colors and filling in the ‘tooth’ of the page. there is nothing fast about coloring at all, it forces you to slow down and think about what you’re doing. that way, you aren’t thinking about your problems and hopefully, you’ll come to some sort of solution in the back of your mind. i love coloring. it’s relaxing for me. i have several emails every day that give me tips for coloring. i’m learning a lot about it as well as relaxing. but, i don’t color all that well, i don’t have to, the coloring is for me and no one else. if i make a terrible color combination, so what? no one will see it and no one will criticize it, except me and sometimes, i’m my own worst critic. i’m gonna see if i can color sitting at the kitchen table. not sure there’s enough light so, i’ll have to sit at the end for the overhead light to not cast me as a shadow on the page i’m coloring.

early tuesday
well, after i got off yesterday at noon, i had to get groceries, stop at the post office where i left before i got what i needed cause the line was out the door into the lobby, and then the bank. but, the time i got back to get Daisy my neck was hurting. so, we came home and i put away the groceries, deboned a whole chicken, and gathered up the trash. and then i went to bed. just too tired and hurting to do much more than that.

i got my first christmas card yesterday. i was waiting for it so i could get her address to put in my address book and i got a card ready to go to her this morning, i sent Blake, Shelby, shirley, and my pen pal their christmas cards and a letter yesterday. all of pat’s and all of louise’s christmas cards all mailed last friday. so, all i have to do now is a few cards that i want to send out for me.

so, iran just violated the missile test ban. wonder if europe will hit them with sanctions? i doubt it. that’s too bad. i think if there’s gonna be a war it’ll be with the middle east.

looks like i’m gonna be in the nashville area for a number of days. looks like from christmas eve to january 2 when pat come back from california. oh, well, i’ll manage. i always do. i’ll take my work laptop and a bunch of already stuffed envelopes and post cards and stamps so i can work while ann is at work. Daisy and i can take walks while we’re there. i’ll be able to read and color and watch tv. louise told me yesterday that ben wasn’t going to be there for christmas. it’ll be okay. i’ll just decide to make it okay and it will be. i’m stronger now than i was 4 years ago when i stayed with her for 3 weeks.

the weekend before christmas i’ll clean the house and make sure everything is all done so that when i come back i’ll come home to a clean house and all i’ll have to do is put things away that i took with me. i’ll need to start eating what’s in the fridge that will go bad in the 8 days i’m gone. will have to check the dates on the packages and either eat it or freeze it. i will not come home to a dirty fridge either, no spoiled food to throw away for me.

talked with Blake yesterday. he was supposed to call me sunday but, didn’t. i found out yesterday that the reason he didn’t was cause Shelby had some sort of allergic reaction to something. they don’t know what but, she was in the emergency room for a number of hours. he said she turned bright red and began to have difficulty breathing. it was after all the urgent care clinics and the campus clinic were closed so she had to go to the emergency room. they gave her several shots and an epi pen rx. she’s gonna call her mother and get an appointment for allergy testing cause her sister is allergic to everything and Shelby may be developing it now. so glad he was there with her and could take care of her when she couldn’t do it herself.

okay i told you about anthony, my niece’s husband. i still don’t know if he’s gone to tamp general. i’ll call jane later today. well, penny’s husband, (sister) and penny were at louise’s friday night. somehow, dave fell. he hit his elbow, dislocated his shoulder and hit his face. all 4 of them were in the emergency room til 2am saturday. he’s gonna be okay.

i know i didn’t tell you about a friend’s daughter who has been sick for a while now and passed out on her front steps. they got her to the hospital, she had/has pneumonia, a hiatal hernia is twisted around something cause of the hard coughing she’s been doing, the doctors told her that if she has waited any longer, say a week, to get to the doctor she would have died. she has 4 spots of pneumonia, 2 per lung and both lobes in each lung. she’s still in the hospital cause if she exerts any her oxygen drops down to 60. if she lays still and doesn’t do anything it might get up to 80 or so. she’s not even able to get up to go to the bathroom. not sure when she will be able to go home.

it’s time for this to stop. too many things going on, too many people i care about getting hurt or sick. not sure i can take any more of this.

okay, back to Blake. he will be moving to concord, nh in march or april and his work will be in laconia, nh. his base salary has increased to $52,000 from $30,000. plus commission. i’m gonna have to ask him how this works. he’s gonna have to be very basic for me to understand. i don’t know if it’s a draw on his base or what. i’ll ask him next time i see him. he’s very happy with his job and with his life right now. he said he spent about 30 minutes at his parent’s house on thanksgiving helping peel potatoes and then he left. i guess he didn’t want to stay any longer. that’s all he told me, he peeled potatoes and left. he said he wanted me to know about his job and that things were changing and he wanted me to know his plans. so glad he’s keeping me informed and up to date on his life.

got to go. things to do this morning.

take care,

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