good morning, thursday

goodness, gracious! i’m gonna make it! for a few days and nights there, i was sure this cold/flu/whatever was gonna get the best of me but, i survived! just a little bit of a cough and a runny nose is all that’s left. both should be gone in a few more days.

got the sausage cooked and in the fridge. i’ll make the baby bells mixture saturday when i get ready to stuff them and freeze them. i’ll get a package of the baby bell pepper in various colors tomorrow when i go to the grocery store. also need to get some hot pepper jelly. and another package of cream cheese. super bowl sunday party fixins! just me and Daisy. we are all we need to have a good time!

i’ve got 6 eggs on the stove boiling so i can have a boiled egg when the notion strikes me. drinking my 2nd cup of coffee this morning. have to go to ollie’s monday to get another box of 100 kcups. they cost less there than anywhere else i’ve bought kcups. a little out of my way but, the saving is well worth the extra mileage. and it’s only about a quarter of a mile out of my way. might even stop by and pay my rent early again this month so i can get 2 birds with one stone.

25 degrees with mostly clear skies going up to all of 38 degrees today. well, that’s a bit chilly i must say but, with all the sun and no clouds it shouldn’t be too awful. just have to wear a jacket and bundle up. it is almost the middle of january, it should be cold. just am very grateful i no longer live up north where it’s really cold and snowy. i love TN winters. alexa just told me that it’s gonna be a rainy weekend. okay, Daisy and i may just go to dollar general to look around and see what’s there. it’s been a while since i’ve been in one. might find a good deal or two. who knows?

today, after i finish up with the expired listings and homes and land requests, i’m gonna work on a blog just for louise’s website. it’ll be on bears and how to act if you come across one and how to avoid having them come to your house and root thru your garbage. i’ve got photos of the bears louise took this last summer. i have a poster of rules for cabin visitors and what to do about bears. shouldn’t take too long but, i know it’s one she wants me to do. i’m sure i can make it interesting and quite readable. don’t think pat wants one on bears for his real estate website. i just need a description from pat where the new Dave and Busters is located, add it to the blog, and then i can then send him the blog for him to add to his website.

i sat and watched an episode of stargate atlantis on my fire tablet when i first got home yesterday. i needed something to settle me down a bit and that was perfect. i will probably try to watch an episode each day. forgot to watch yesterdays episode of general hospital. looks like i’ll have 2 to watch today.

oh, i just saw that tonight at 9, hannity will have an interview with President Trump on fox news channel. i will have to dvr it cause i honestly don’t think i’ll be awake when it comes on and i don’t want to miss it. in the central time zone, all these programs come on an hour earlier than here. mountain time zone, i think is 2 hours earlier. i remember really loving living in the mountain time zone cause of how early good tv came on.

Blake just called me on his way to the freemason meeting. it’s the once a month dinner and meeting. he said he has a date saturday night. he wanted to take her to a jazz club but, she’d rather do something more low key. she likes action movies, i suggested aquaman. he said text him with ideas. help!!! give me ideas i can give to him. i just love it when he calls me on his way from here to there. or there to over there. it’s just so good to talk with him and hear his voice.

oh, some good news! when Daisy and i got to louise’s and we walked into pat’s office, he asked me about starting back working 6 hours a day. told him sure but, could we start monday cause i have p/t at one. he said sure. he also asked me to start calling his newly registered on his website leads. i’m not sure how many i called but, i spent 3 hours making those calls. so many people give fake phone numbers when they register on a website. i got so many this number is not in service responses from verizon. oh, well, their loss. it kept me busy.

and some more good news. i am done with p/t unless i find the exercises aren’t helping anymore then, i can go back in without a referral until the end of february. after that, i need to see my doctor again for a referral. i just need to remember to continue to do the exercises at a minimum of once a day. that should be easy enuf to do. i really don’t want my neck to hurt me like it did when i went to get the initial referral for p/t.

think i’m gonna take a shower and get in my pjs.

take care,

early friday morning,
i realized that i’m gonna have to spread out my after work errands and maybe even do some on saturday. that’s okay. i’ll figure it out.

left eye is watering, think i got some makeup in the corner of my eye. the watering is good, flushing out the makeup or face cream.

since it’s gonna be rainy this weekend. i’m looking forward to a quiet weekend. we still might go to the dollar general just to see what’s in there. who knows what i might find that i can’t live without!

my stomach has been burning a lot lately. i’m thinking it’s cause of all the otc meds i’ve been taking and not eating. i’ve had no appetite but, it seems to be coming back. maybe i need to eat soft and easily digestible food for a few days? i don’t much like this ache in my stomach.

23 degrees right now and probably gonna drop a few more before daylight. and going up to 47 for a high. okay. that sounds good. it is winter but, it’s winter in TN!!

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2 weeks ago

Yes it’s cold out there.. whew..