good morning, wednesday

you’re gonna be a good day cause i’m not letting anything or anyone cause it to be any different! so there! i have spoken!!

rain coming in tomorrow. i can deal with that. we do need the rain. it’s been a while since we’ve had any rain. even seems like the grass and the weeds have stopped growing. time for rain. got my new rain gauge out so i can see how much rain we get. if louise hasn’t put hers out yet, i’m gonna put it out for her today. she’s probably not thought about it or even realized it’s gonna rain. she doesn’t watch much tv. i want to see the difference in rain amounts from my place to hers.

you know something? after a while, all the cabins for sale or rent begin to look the same. when i’m doing the expired listings, i take a minute to look thru the photos of the cabins. at first, i was impressed but, not so much now, they are all the same, the only difference is the number of bedrooms. they are all furnished similarly with minor differences in bedding, furniture, games, kitchens. i’m not saying they aren’t pretty, i’m saying as long as they are each clean there’s not a whole lot of difference in them, about the only major difference is their location. some are in the forests with streams and trees all around, others are up high and you can see forever, some are in resort areas with pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, a community area, while others, my favorite, are in areas where you know you have neighbors but, you can’t see them. it’s all in what you want out of your vacation in the smoky mountains.

today at 9:30 i get my new glasses. i think i’ll be very happy to have them. i love that they get dark in the car. that’s where i had a lot of problems before, my glasses didn’t get dark in the car. these will. clear up top progressing down to my reading rx. make life easier. all in one. no chasing down reading glasses or fumbling around in the car for sunglasses. i tried going without glasses but, it’s been nearly 50 years that i’ve been wearing them. i want my glasses back. and i’m getting them today!!

just saw that the hurricane has winds of 140mph. the barometric pressure has dropped to 937mb. that’s scary. the lower that goes, the higher the winds are. that storm is gonna really mess up the panhandle of florida. i hope everyone has evacuated. now, i know there are crazy weather men and women there and i don’t understand that. but, they are there, reporting the weather. i don’t need to have them there, i’d rather they be away and be safe but, i am glued to the weather station and watching.

got my glasses and i think i love them. it’s gonna take a little getting used to wearing glasses all the time again. i’ve only been wearing them when i read or when i’m outside. the rx is barely perceptible. my eyes are that good since surgery. i’m so happy. wish i had known sooner i needed cataract surgery. it’s a pretty easy surgery. the worst part is all the drops. i had to put drops in my eyes for 6 weeks and 3 days. i’m so glad that’s over. i don’t have to go back for a followup for a year now.

i cooked two chicken thighs in my air fryer. i let them thaw a bit and then when they were able to be broken apart, i put some seasoning on them. heated up the air fryer for 3 minutes at 370. then, in they go at 360 for 11 minutes, flip them, then again 360 for 11 minutes. flipped them again, 360 for 5 minutes. now, they are just sitting and hopefully are done. i made some sort of potato thing, scalloped potatoes maybe? just letting everything sit for a bit. the best part about the air fryer is that i cooked chicken in it and didn’t have to turn on my oven and heat up the apartment. i love that about it. i used the microwave for the potatoes. the chicken needed another 5 minutes. it has the bone in and the skin is still on it. maybe that’s why it needed more time. sure does smell good.

got my check for last week today. was too tired to go to the bank. i guess i could mobile deposit it but, i’ll just go tomorrow after i go to the post office. maybe i’ll just wait to deposit last weeks check and this weeks check at the same time on friday. i need to get gas tomorrow.

i hate that gas prices went up just as those that evacuated from the florida panhandle arrived here and may be here for a while. oh, well, i have to get gas no matter the cost. it’s a necessary evil.

i will now be writing a blog for louise’s webpage. i can use the ones i wrote for pat but, i need to rewrite some of them so that they don’t have pat’s keywords. louise isn’t looking for people to buy a home here. she just wants to inspect it for you after it’s been cleaned. finally figured out how to get to the admin page of her website. i’m doing things i never thought i’d ever have a reason to learn to do. kinda exciting and interesting.

oh, i asked pat if he knew why people named a road here boogertown rd. and of course, he did. he’s the resident know it all on tennessee folklore and trivia. he said that back in the late 1700s, boogertown rod was a horse trail. when people rode their horses on the trail, the horses would get spooked and act all crazy. so, the people being rather superstitious back then, figured it was boogy man and that devolved into boogertown. so, there you have it! might have helped him know this cause i bought him a book about such things and he’s been reading it. i want to go to another moonshine tasting. the one and only one i went to, i discovered i LOVED the cream moonshine. yummmm!

i think i’m gonna go eat dinner and then clean up the kitchen. after that, i’ll brush Daisy’s teeth and go join my pillows and blankets on the bed.

take care,

early enuf thursday morning,
just saw the radar. it’s raining and is gonna rain longer than i expected. i’ll just have to deal with it. only gonna go to the post office. don’t need to do anything else. it can all be done tomorrow when the rain is gone.

have to see my doctor today. no coffee, no ibuprofen til after the blood test and my b/p is checked. i really don’t like to go to the doctor when he’s just chekcing up on me. if i’m sick i don’t mind going but, i go to urgent care. i’m in and out and they make me better and there’s no tests or giving me grief if i haven’t lost any weight.

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