hello, monday morning,

it’s gonna be a good day! mostly cause i’m not gonna let anything get in the way of it being a good day. i feel good though the right side of my face is still super sensitive to touch. hard putting makeup on cause i do have to touch my face to do it! still, it’s a good day!

i think i will add black flatware and black flatware with white designs on them and gold flatware to my list of flatware choices. so many pretty pieces that i just don’t know what to choose. this is probably the hardest choice i’ve had to make redoing my kitchen things. wish i could buy them all but, not only do i not have room for 6 sets of 4, i don’t have $180 for flatware! it’s gonna be less than that for all the other kitchen things! i have to choose. only not right now! if only i could get one set for four from each set! that would be perfect!!

the next 10 days are gonna be chilly and below average which is 65 for a high. this week it’ll be in the lower 60s but, friday will be in the mid-40s and then next week will be in the mid to upper 50s. methinks winter has arrived a bit early. it’s gonna be a bit on the chilly side this week when i go out to clean out the pots and get them ready for spring. but, it’s gonna be done because it will make spring so much easier for me. i can take Daisy out with me this week until friday when the cold front comes thru and the high is 47. she will want to stay inside and that’s where i want her to be, too!

i’m dressed and ready to go. just have to wait about 45 minutes until it’s light enuf. i think it’s 32 degrees out there. most mornings for the last week have been at or below freezing. i’ve seen some serious damage to my plants and i have to get those pots cleaned out. i’ll try to do at least 5 per day. Daisy is wearing a sweater and a jacket when we leave for louise’s. i’m actually wearing socks and shoes! i hate shoes but, when it’s cold….. and i’m wearing long pants. how i hate doing that!

early tuesday morning,
guess i didn’t get around to posting this yesterday. thought i had and that’s why i didn’t come near this laptop after i got home. i cleaned out 5 pots and refilled them with good dirt. well, one was an old ugly flimsy pot that i didn’t refill. i’m not refilling my ugly pots cause i’m hoping not to be using them next year. i’m keeping them just in case but, i hope not to have to use them.

i still have not made a decision on the flatware yet. i have a few weeks yet to make a decision. i need to get the pots and pans and everything else except the flatware bought, washed, and in the cabinets before i want to deal with the flatware. i lean one way on the flatware and then, i shift and lean the other way. right now it’s too hard to make the decision. didn’t get to ollies’ or rose express yesterday either. maybe today. yesterday i had to go somewhere Daisy couldn’t go in, so, i just didn’t stop at those two places. today should be a good day to do that.

i’ve got things to do so, i’m closing this and posting it.

take care,

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