here it is thursday again!!

just today and tomorrow and Daisy and i can stay home all weekend except for saturday morning going to the dump. i can work in my pots this weekend and rest a bit. nope, that’s not happening, i have to go to louise’s to get the boxes with gifts so i can get my things out and bring them home.

i just ordered myself 4 flatware sets. rose gold, blue, stainless steel, and black. they’ll be here tomorrow, i think. will be donating my old pots and pans and silverware and some of my kitchen utensils. gonna move things off the baker’s rack and put them in the pots and pans cabinet space and put my colorful pots and pans on the bakers rack so they can be seen! that’s gonna be fun and make me happy! the pots and pans, the flexible cutting boards, the measuring stuff and strainers, and the knife set will be at louise’s by saturday. guess i’m gonna have to go to her house either saturday afternoon or sunday morning. so much of my christmas gifts will be delivered on saturday. i’m gonna have to open each and every box to get my things out so i can bring them home with me and rearrange my kitchen.

i just have a few more gifts to buy and then, i’m done. I just remembered i needed to buy my nephew some crazy colorful socks, i guess he loves socks. they will be here on saturday. they are crazy. i got him 12 sets of crazy socks. hopefully, his grandmother, my sister ann, is telling me the truth when she says he loves crAzy socks. i do not know what to get ben, guess i’ll have to ask his mom to see what she thinks he would want. and Blake. oh, he is so hard to buy for at the best of times! i may just give him some money to help him buy the reading device that will also be a place for him to write his AT adventure on. i have to talk with him soon to see what he’s decided on and then, figure out how much i can send him.

it rained today. i think it rained more at louise’s than it did here. it’s only less than a quarter-inch here. we needed the rain but, i could have used another afternoon to work in my pots. can’t/won’t do it when it’s a cold rain out there. only gonna reach 48 degrees tomorrow. maybe i can do it then, if not, i’ll just have to do it this weekend. i think it’s finally made it to late fall. next week is gonna be a very cool one. just have to remember to dress both me and Daisy warm.

early friday morning, !!!!!! so glad for friday morning. that means the weekend is finally here.

you should have just seen me, got up and was making my first cup of coffee. got the creamer out of the fridge. i poured the creamer into the cup and dropped the little round lid to the container. it landed on its outside and took off rolling across the kitchen floor. i bent down to get it and it kept getting ahead of me. here i was, knees bent, creamer container in one hand and the other hand reaching out for the rolling lid! i must have looked ridiculous! when i finally caught the lid, it was hard to stand up straight. i laughed out loud at myself.

i made a pretty big mistake when i ordered mascara last time cause when it arrived it was the color ‘avenging amethyst’. when i opened it, it was a light shade of purple but, not lavender. it’s pretty but, there’s no way i’ll wear it alone. over the black shade, i will but, not by itself. might play around with it over the weekend. i did order more black.

i’m excited, i’ll be getting some of the christmas gifts today along with some of the things i order for me. it will fun to get it home and get started with redoing my kitchen. i hope it’s my pots and pans that arrive today. there’s a bit more work involved with them. i will have to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. and move small appliances to the cabinet and display my new pretty pots and pans on the baker’s rack. not sure what i’m gonna do with all the new silverware. i’ll have 4 sets of 4. that’s way too many for my silverware drawer! maybe only use 1 set from each of the 4? probably.

i sure was tired last night. went to bed almost immediately when we got home. i sleep poorly for a few days and then, i make up for it in one night. would much rather get good sleep each night but, i can’t seem to do that. i really do try. i really do. but, it seems to be out of my reach. just checked, 7.5 hours of sleep last night. no wonder i feel so good this morning.

plugged in and turned on my straightening brush. i’ll go take care of my hair when it gets hot enuf. i think i like the brush more than the flat iron. that thing is hard on my arms and i have to do little bits at a time. that takes forever and i don’t have the time to do that every morning. the brush just brushes my hair and it gets straight and shiny. i could do little bits at a time and sometimes i do but, mostly i just brush my hair with it. it’s really easy to do with the brush.

i just checked my email and it seems i will be getting over half my gifts today. i will get the 4 sets of silverware here at my house. the others have been sent to louise’s. i’ll wrap them there and they will be there when it’s time to go to nashville for christmas. i’ll bring my stuff home and enjoy time in the kitchen. gonna make sure my kitchen is clean and ready for me to get in there and move things around.

need to make my lunch and Daisy’s breakfast. DONE

just got the notification that 5 of my gifts will be delivered today via UPS. i was hoping they’d come thru the USPS. that way, i wouldn’t have to wait around or go do something until they were delivered. oh, well, it is what it is. i’m just glad to know they will be delivered today!

take care,

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