hey! it’s tuesday morning!

now what? what is tuesday? is it just a day to you or is it your jumping off point to make it a better day than monday? could it be the beginning of a joyful slide into the weekend? what about the perfect time to plan out the rest of the week? maybe, just maybe, you’ll use it as a way to see how you can make someone else’s day at least as good as yours. it’s tuesday, what will you do to make it a great day?

i’m planning on how many letters and postcards i’m taking with me to nashville so that i’ll be able to keep up with the expired listings. i’ll have to take a roll of stamps with me so i can mail them. no sense in getting them ready if i don’t mail them. i’ll have to figure out a way to keep them separate cause i send out different letters to different people depending on if they are expired listings, for sale by owner, or if they requested a home and lands magazine. and i’ll be taking louise’s list and letters with me as well. i want to keep up with the work i have to do. i can’t afford to not work for a week. i need every dollar i can get working. losing a week’s pay is NOT an option.

early thursday morning,
i don’t know how i missed this draft. i went looking for something i wrote yesterday in drafts and i found this. so, i’ll go ahead and post it. i’m having the hardest time writing every day. don’t know what it is but, i know i have to sit down and write.

i’ll start a thursday entry just as soon as i get this posted.

take care,

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