i am 71 yo, after all

i just asked ann if i could have her keys while she got ready to go so that i could take some of my things to her car. she said no! no? wth?! she said what if i fall and with her door closed she couldn’t hear and i laid out there broken and unable to get up. okay, i know her heart was in the right place but, darn it. i’m 71 years old, i don’t need or want a babysitter. i live alone and i can do most things by myself. i don’t need a younger sister telling me what i can’t do!!!!!!!!!!!!! but, she’s always been bossy and sees no shades of gray in life, she pontificates more than anyone i’ve ever known and is fully convinced that she knows what’s right and wrong more than other people. i am not coming here next year. it’s that simple, i’m staying home. i actually have to keep my mouth shut when she does her thing at heather’s and tries to impress on those two kids her ideas. i’ve noticed that they really don’t pay much attention to her. i’ve also noticed that heather ignores her mother much of the time. i think that’s so they don’t argue. i am so grateful ann is NOT my mother or grandmother!!

it’s spitting rain out there. a cold rain. not really raining but, big fat drops falling from the sky. glad i have a jacket and Daisy has a jacket. i only thought i kept my home cool but, it’s weird, both ann and heather keep their homes so much cooler than i do. i want to get home and get under my electric blanket and sleep really warm for a change. i want my bed. i want my tv and MY remote!

we’re heading over to heather’s so ann can be with the kids while their parents work today, tomorrow, and friday. i’m gonna set up the work laptop on the end of the table out of the way and work on the expired listings. i hope they leave and go somewhere to have fun so that i can work in peace and quiet. Baxter will be there and he’ll be happy to see me and Daisy. i know he’ll be super happy to see pat tonight and then, to be home tomorrow will be just about more than he can stand. he loves his daddy and his home. when louise gets home this weekend, i know he’ll be overjoyed to be able to sleep with her again. i know she misses him.

tomorrow at this time, we’ll be on our way home!!

zulily had the ‘my pillow’ standard size firm fill for $19.99 each plus shipping and tax. i bought two of them, they are normally i think $80 each. i love ‘my pillow’ pillows! i’ve had the ones i have now about 10 years and they are beginning to show their age. i wanted new ones but, didn’t want to spend so much for them. last night, i saw the deal on zulily and jumped on it. i’ve never seen them for such a low price. not sure when they’ll be delivered but, i can enjoy waiting for them. i know they’ll be wonderful for sleeping. i might give Daisy one of the old ones for her to sit on in the car. she’ll like that.

this time tomorrow i’ll be in my pjs and enjoying a glass of wine in bed watching tv with Daisy snuggled up close to me under our electric blanket. now, tell me, could it be any better? i just can’t imagine.

Daisy is eating, i’m eating. soon, i’ll go take a quick shower so all i have to do in the morning is get dressed. my suitcase is all i have to take to heather’s to load into pat’s car in the morning. all the other bags are already at heather’s. pat can put them in his car or he can wait and i’ll do it when we get there. long drive home tomorrow but, it’s well worth the drive. HOME!!

Blake sent me a text today and said he was feeling much better since new year’s eve. not real sure what changed then but, whatever it was, i’m glad it happened. he’s doing okay. and from the sound and tone of his texts, he’s doing just fine and thinks that the breakup with shelby was a good idea. as long as he’s happy….. he’s young, he’ll be fine.

cold rain tonight. has given me a chill. a really warm shower and a cup of coffee. that should warm me up just fine.

leftover black-eyed peas and ham for dinner. yummmmm!!!!! i can cook for myself tomorrow night!!!! or not.

take care,

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3 weeks ago

Wow, I can really tell you want to go home!

3 weeks ago

I’ve wondered about those my pillow pillows. It’s nice to hear from somebody who has actually used to them. I have trouble with pillows that are comfortable and don’t give me kinks in my neck. Think I’ll go check it out and see if I can find a sale. For that price, I would be thrilled to get one I know how expensive they are.

3 weeks ago

Good to hear Blake is doing better already…and so will you be in a very short time.  🙂