it’s saturday morning,

thought i was gonna get up and head straight to the dump and then stop at the family dollar store and get a loaf of bread and then head to lowe’s, ollies, and rose express but, then, i decided i didn’t want to do it so early. it’s 8:51, i’m not dressed, and i don’t have all the trash gathered up yet. i’m just not ready to take on the world yet either. i still want to stay in my pjs and putz a bit.

i deboned a roasted chicken, i cleaned out the fridge and freezer, i washed the dishes from my lunch yesterday, i swept the kitchen floor, and i started cleaning the bathroom. i’ll start cleaning more when i feel like it. it’s mostly just dusting and then swiffering. just sorta going from one thing to the next with zero plan on what to do when. may just continue like that all day today.

fixed Daisy her breakfast. she ate most of it leaving the crunchy food but, it wasn’t really all that crunchy cause i used the juices in the bottom of the container to heat up and mix with the crunchy. she ate mostly the chicken. she’ll go back later and eat the rest. i just have to be patient and wait for her to eat it.

had to buy some 4-watt small base light bulbs to use in the salt lamps i have. the one i have at louise’s had its bulb burn out a couple of days ago. i’ll replace it on monday. i’ve had to replace a couple of the ones here a few months ago. it seems like the original bulb doesn’t last all that long so if you get one try to have a replacement for it.

11:28 am
decided to only do dollar general and the dump. just don’t feel energetic enuf to get motivated to drive to lowes, ollies, and rose express. just don’t have it today. maybe tomorrow. yeah, probably tomorrow.

i just got a notification that my supplemental insurance plan raised my premium from $136.50 to $162.10 because i went into a higher age group. that’s quite the jump in cost! just another disadvantage of getting older! something about medical costs getting higher and it’s now adjusted on a class basis (age bracket.) i think i’ll call to see when i hit another ‘class’ so that i will know when my premium will go up again. that $26 raise in my insurance premium is gonna completely wipe out the 1.6% increase in my social security. i guess i should be grateful that i have the money to pay it without it hurting me. sure doesn’t help but, it doesn’t hurt.

i’m thinking i may end up in urgent care today or tomorrow. my right ear has been hurting off and on for about a week now. the right side of my face has been super sensitive to touch so much so that i’m not able to sleep on my right side. the pillow makes it hurt. with my medicare deductible paid for the year, i’ll not have any copay. i generally get generic meds when it’s possible.

i’m feeling kinda irritable and chilly. think i’ll go back and snuggle under my electric blanket for a while.

5:43 pm
i don’t feel any better. just sorta lethargic. maybe a good night’s sleep will help with how i feel. i just feel like all the wind has been sucked right out of my sails and i’m feeling like i’m drifting. i’m reading, i’m watching mindless tv, and i just feel beat. i wonder if it’s the high i’m coming down from after Blake left that’s making me feel so all out of sorts. could be i guess cause i was on such a natural high with him here and now he’s gone. i know i couldn’t keep him here cause his life is in NH for now.

at least all the trash is out of the house, the fridge, and the freezer. that makes me feel good. i hate it when i have trash in the freezer and the fridge. i hate it when i have more bags in the kitchen with trash in it than the one in the trash can. now, i need to find something else to make me feel good so that i can rest and make the most of tomorrow.

gonna be warmer tomorrow than it has been today. that’s making me think it will be a good day to head out around 10 am when it’s a bit warmer than it was today at 10 am. i think after we get back from our errands, which should be around noon or so when it’s warmer, i’m gonna start cleaning up the pots with the sad-looking plants that are left from 2 or 3 mornings of below freezing temps. i’ll use the old shower curtain liner to put the old dirt on and mix it with the new and fill up the pots so they can sit out in the weather and mellow some before i plant in them come spring. that will be a good thing and it will make me happy. i love working in my pots when i can.

the things i’m gonna buy at ollies and rose express will be for me! it’s time i treated myself to some things i want. i’m debating on whether or not to get a new set of t-fal pots and pans. the ones i have now are at least 17 years old. the non-stick has numerous scratches in them and i’m thinking it’s time for some new pots and pans. almost everything else in my kitchen is new to me since i moved here. i still have to think about it.

tomorrow is louise’s 64th birthday. i’m a little over 8 years older than her. i remember when she was first born she got chickenpox. i had to rock her when i got home from school and make sure she didn’t scratch her face where the sores were mostly located. mother put socks on her hands so it would harder for her to break open the sores but, she still ended up with one scar on her face from that time. i hated rocking her but, thinking on it, it was easier than dealing with all the other kids in the family. i rocked her to keep her from crying, i guess mother was kinda tired of listening to her til i got home from school. she also had 3 other kids besides me and louise at the time. 2 were too young to go to school. ann and i were the ones in school. what a long long time ago that was. wow! fun times!!

i’m heading back to the bedroom. i want to read for a while and play with little miss Daisy for a while. she ate her dinner and i took her out. i need to take off her sweater and harness so she can sleep easy. i would hate to have to sleep with a bra on all night. so, i’ll make her as comfortable as i can.

take care,

early sunday morning,
woke up, looked at the clock that said 4:37 but, then i realized it wasn’t. fixed that before i got a cup of coffee. life is good again!

i’ve been looking on amazon for kitchenware, i have it and will buy it when my christmas money gets put into my checking account. photos will be in today’s entry. and when you see them, just remember i don’t like matchy-matchy.

Daisy and i are going into town once the time is 10 am or the temperature reaches 40 degrees. just don’t feel like being cold this morning. i’m sure Daisy wouldn’t like it much either.

we’re gonna buy a few little things at ollie’s and at rose express. i have my list somewhere, will have to find it before we leave the house.

just took little miss out to potty. she did her thing, ran back to the door, as soon as i took off her jacket and leash she trotted quickly to the bed and back up under the electric blanket! gotta love that little girl.

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