january 5, 2019 early morning,

it’s still not a good morning, pat, me, and the two furry babies arrived back at his house around 2pm thursday. we took stuff from his car and put it in mine, i left Daisy there and went to the grocery store for a couple things we couldn’t live without. i went back to pat’s and got Daisy and we came home. i unloaded my car, got into my pjs, made sure Daisy had fresh water and food, and then, i crashed. i got up only to go to the bathroom and get more to drink. and take nyquil. this is the first time i’ve been up and even considered writing. i have been so sick. chest congestion, coughing, head stuffy, nose runny, headache, aches and pains, dizzy and sometimes disoriented, eyes ache, sore throat, just felt bad. to top it all off, sciatica in my left leg has been killing me. this morning, well, my nose and head seem to be better, still chest congestion, still coughing but, stuff is coming up, not so achy, eyes still ache, face hurts, skin on face sensitive, headache is gone as is the sore throat. still no appetite but, i’m not complaining. i’m drinking a lot of liquid. discovered my stomach said no wine after the first glass so, that’s off the table for a while. i have managed to put things away that were in suitcases and bags. at least, now, my kitchen looks like a kitchen again instead of a holding room for suitcases and bags. oh, i didn’t go to work yesterday cause i felt so bad. did not want to give this to pat. wouldn’t have been nice of me to do that to him. i may try to go in tomorrow and get some work done. so, i don’t have so much to do monday. and i need to do laundry.

not sure what i can accomplish today but, if nothing else i want to make Daisy’s chicken, rice, green beans and carrot mixture for her food. i can probably do it as long as i use on the stools to sit on to rest. i get tired so easy since i got sick. can’t remember feeling this bad in a long time.

need to make a grocery list for monday. i need some things for the fridge, eggs, milk, bread, lunch meat and cheese. and i want a whole roasted chicken for Daisy and i. think i need pickle relish, juice, chicken broth. i know there’s more i need but, i just can’t really think right now.

the light in here is so bright! i have to type with my eyes closed. just too much light for my eyes right now. i’m thinking a shower, wash my hair, and clean pjs would be a good idea in a bit. i’m feeling kinda grungy right now. i don’t think i’ve ever had my facial skin hurt like this. i just touch my face and it hurts. it’s really weird to me.

why does breaking news always seem to happen when general hospital is on? can’t it wait til 3pm? or noon? why 2pm? 2 of the 5 episodes of gh were interrupted and ruined by breaking news. i was sick and really wanted to just lay in bed and binge watch gh for a while but, breaking news ruined that for me. now, i really like President Trump but, i’d just as soon his news conferences were at noon or after gh!! i’d watch them without the irritation i feel when gh is interrupted.

we have a high wind warning for today. okay, i can deal with that, i’ll just stay inside. when Daisy and i got home thursday afternoon, there was 3.2 inches of rain, lots of pine needles, and my thermometer had been broken. i guess it was from the wind i heard we had here. i’ve got to figure out a way to attach it where it will be visible when i look out the screen door. haven’t felt up to doing that just yet. maybe today. maybe not. if my walkway dries out today, i’ll sweep the pine needles off and make the area look nice again. looking forward to march when i can set up my mini greenhouse and start my seeds for spring. i need to start buying 5-gallon buckets and potting soil. i want some fresh herbs this year. it’s time to replace the old herbs i had from 3 years ago. i might just plant a couple of tomato plants, too. and i’ll still have my succulents and ferns and flowering plants. i’ll need to refresh the potting soil i have in pots already. gonna have to buy a lot of potting soil this year.

maybe i should eat? the last thing i ate was a sausage egg and cheese mcmuffin thursday morning on the way home. i’m not really hungry but, i’m thinking my headache may be from not eating. i’ve been drinking enuf liquid not to be dehydrated but, i haven’t eaten in a couple of days.

i do wish there were a kohls around here. the closest one is in west knoxville and if i don’t have to go to knoxville, i don’t. now, if i go with louise for some reason to knoxville, i’ll see if i can get her to find the kohls, if not, okay, i don’t need to go there. i’ll just shop at walmart. while in the nashville area, i shopped at kohls and got a nice new slip-on robe and two new blouses.

just got up to open a can of white meat chicken i had on hand in case of emergencies like today, when i have nothing thawed out to cook. i mixed juice and chicken in with some of Daisy’s food and she went to town eating it. i added pickle relish and mayo to the rest and ate that. i needed protein. i have the other half of the frozen turkey breast on the counter with lots of chicken seasoning on it. i rubbed a bit of oil on it so the seasoning would stick better. i’m gonna let it thaw for a bit and then use my air fryer. if it doesn’t fit and it kinda looks like it won’t, i’ll just have to turn on the oven and cook it the old-fashioned way. it will warm up the place that’s for sure. Daisy and i can have some turkey and stove top stuffing for dinner tonight. well, she’ll get turkey, brown rice, green beans and carrots for her dinner. maybe i won’t fix any stuffing.

looked thru the latest tv guide. saw a couple new programs that i set to dvr later this month. so much is streaming or on netflix or hulu. i have netflix and i have prime videos so, that gets me to wondering if i’ll be keeping directv for long. maybe i’ll just go to all subscription when my contract is up. i’ll have to think about it and see if it’s feasible. something to keep in the back of my mind, especially when i got the letter from at&t last week telling me my directv was going up $5 a month. guess i’ll have to wait and see if it bothers me enuf to cancel.

should water my plants. they’ve not been watered in 2 weeks. need to check them and see how they are doing moisture wise. wonder how long that will take me? i get so tired just walking around the house. not sure what this illness is but it sure does take the starch right out of me! i’m making sure to take care of Daisy. even if i don’t take care of me, she will be cared for properly. fresh food, water, clean piddle pads, and whatever else she needs. she can’t care for herself so, it’s up to me to do it. she’s like a small child, she needs me to take care of her and i will do it, no matter how bad i feel.

did i tell you i went to see aquaman the day after christmas? well, if i didn’t, i loved it!! it is a fun movie. suspend belief and have a good time with it. it’ll make you laugh, not quite cry, and come out of the theater feeling glad you saw it. with jason momoa as aquaman, well, that didn’t hurt one little bit!

i cooked the 2/3 of a turkey breast i had frozen at thanksgiving. then, i cooked some brown rice and added cut up green beans to add to Daisy’s food. she ate it all. she eats so much better since i started soaking her crunchy food and adding the meat, rice, and green beans to it. i made a good sized bowl of it and have stored it in the fridge. tomorrow i’ll divide it up individually so that i can freeze it. i’ll freeze it in baggies so it’ll last longer and i don’t have to worry about it spoiling. take one out at night and it’ll be for the next day’s breakfast and dinner. i’ll still leave her some crunchy food out in case she gets hungry and wants a bite or two.

i still need to clean up the dishes i used making her food but, i got tired and came in here to sit down and rest a bit. i’ll get up in a bit and take care of them. i don’t like going to bed with dirty dishes in the sink. but, that may happen tonight if i don’t get the motivation to get up and do it. i ate the handful of green beans that i didn’t put in her food. i love green beans out of the can. there’s just something about them.

i think i’m just gonna close this a head on off to bed. i’m really tired.

take care,

early sunday morning,
okay, i thought i’d get up this morning and head to louise’s to work for a few hours. but, i don’t think so. i just don’t feel up to it. i don’t have the energy or strength. what i did yesterday just wiped me out and sent me to bed early, a little after 7pm.
i am thinking though, that i need to dig out my nebulizer and use it a time or two today. feeling a bit of pressure in my chest when i breathe in. that’s not good btw when you’ve got asthma.

Daisy devoured her dinner last night. i ate about a quarter of a can of green beans for dinner and a couple of bites of turkey. i need bread but, i’m not going out to get any. i’ll get it tomorrow. everything that has to be done outside of these 4 walls isn’t gonna get done today!

i burned a candle yesterday but, i never did smell it. tells me something is going on in my nose. food doesn’t taste either.

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