january 6, think i’m gonna make it

before i write my entry, i just have to say this, make my feeling known to all who read this: ELIZABETH WARREN IS A JOKE!! that get me a beer podcast was the funniest thing i have ever seen. so awkward and stilted! she actually thought that would make her seem to relate to people not in politics? almost as funny as the beer summit barry had. she is so unrelatable to regular people it’s not even funny. and her explanation of not being enuf indian as most people was so condescending. i watched her on the boston channels and she’s really full of herself. she has so much anger built up inside her against President Trump that it oozes out of her pores. she relates to no one. when on the boston channels you could see the mean and angry elizabeth warren. she’s gonna try to hide it now and if she decides to run for president. she pretends to be a nice sweet woman but, inside she’s an angry bitter woman. you can see it in her eyes when she mentions President Trump. she’s a scary woman when she’s on a rampage. she needs to repay the college she attended on the premise of being native american, she needs to repay the salary she got for teaching and being the ‘first native american female teacher’ there. she needs to go stand in a corner for lying. and maybe jail for theft.

okay, i’m done!

now, morning, i’m feeling some better today. most of the symptoms are gone or at least minimal. what i have left is a cough and a pressure in my chest. i’ll be dragging out my nebulizer in a bit and using it today. that should help both of the nagging symptoms i have. i can tell i feel more energetic. i’m not gonna tackle major cleaning but, i will make sure things are picked up and dishes are done. i want to do laundry tomorrow but, i’m not sure if louise will be working tomorrow or staying home to do her laundry and get things put away. i may text her later today. i’m not even sure when she will be home. could have been yesterday or it might be today.

a little after 3pm.
i’ve been eating a bit. can’t smell or taste anything why eat? i know i have to. i’ve got to get my strength back so i can work tomorrow.

got the kitchen cleaned up. only a few dishes so, it wasn’t all that hard. not gonna dirty up any more of them.

got my coloring supplies back out and where i need them to be so i can go sit and color when/if the notion strikes me.

still need to put Daisy’s turkey mixture into baggies and freeze them. i may as well get up now and do it. get it over with and i won’t have it hanging over my head. okay, that’s done. i have a weeks worth of food to add to her crunchy food plus tonight and tomorrow. there’s enuf in each baggie for breakfast and dinner. plus, she will always have crunchy food out if she needs to nibble during the night or afternoon.

4:13 pm
i am so tempted to go to bed right now. i know i’ll wake very early in the morning but, i feel exhausted. so glad i only work 4 hours a day right now. would love 8 but, 4 is about all i can manage til i feel much better. i do have to go to several places tomorrow after i get off work. i think i can manage those places and then head home after getting Daisy. none of them will take long.
1. post office
2. bank
3. gas
4. groceries

i just walked into the kitchen and as i looked at it i decided i really like it. it’s big enuf that the island i have in there doesn’t take up too much space, i love the table i got, the cabinets i built are perfect for the space. i’m just happy all around with my home. i want to get the other bedroom closet cleaned out and get rid of the 2 big suitcases that i don’t need or want anymore. they came in handy when i moved here cause they had the things i needed while living at louise’s for 8.5 months. now, i don’t/won’t need them anymore. i’ll be keeping a big one and the smaller one that fits inside it. that’s all i’ll ever need. i’ll take a weekend and that’s all i’ll do, clean out that closet and get rid of things i no longer need or want.

almost 6:30pm
i’m tired, i’m gonna go to bed to watch tv and if i fall asleep all the better.

take care,

early monday morning,
i’m up and getting ready. makeup is on, hair is almost done. then, all i need to do is get dressed. alexa says it’s gonna be 64 today!! it’s certainly tee shirt and flipflop weather to me! i do not like to wear shoes! and i love my tee shirts.

i’m wheezing a bit this morning. but, i feel like if i could just cough it up, it would clear up. i’ll use my nebulizer before i leave this morning. that’ll make it some better. i don’t feel like death warmed over but, it’s kinda like this side of that. it’ll get better cause it’s getting better a bit every day. soon, it will be completely gone and i’ll be fine again. ready to take on the world and all its minions! but, not today.

i got a letter written to shirley from Daisy. will get it mailed out today. i’m mailing linda the tv guide i get and have read. actually, it’ll be 2 cause there was no way i was standing in line before christmas to get it mailed. i need to get stamps for work today, too.

just strained real hard when i coughed and got up some mucus and the wheezing is gone. now, if i can just keep it gone.

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2 weeks ago

You said it! 🙂

2 weeks ago

Glad you are getting better.