monday evening january 7, 2019

sure does feel odd typing 2019. when i was a kid 2019 was so far away as to be not even thought about. it seemed the next day was so far away, let alone a year in the 2000s. how did i make this far in life? mary, a very good friend of mine, we’ve known each other for over 40 years, sometimes we talk about how lucky we are to have come away unscathed from some of the antics we did when we were in the denver area together back in the 80s. we did some really stupid things. i can’t even believe some of the things we did and thought it was okay to do them!!! we do thank God for keeping us safe and letting us live to live another day. she’s the only person i feel comfortable talking about them with, they really were stupid and sometimes dangerous things. nothing illegal but, a time or two were really scary. so glad to have her as a friend.

got up and got dressed this morning, wishing the whole time i didn’t have to but, if i want to get paid and keep my home, i have to work. so, off i went. took longer to get ready, seemed like every little thing i did was exhausting. anyway, we got there. got my checks for the last two weeks. did a load of laundry. one more to go tomorrow. got all the expired listing i worked on wednesday addressed and mailed out. tomorrow i’ll get caught up on the homes and land letters and the expired listings since wednesday last week. then, i’ll be up to date and have it all back under control. i could have done that today had i been full time. but, it’s just gonna have to be done in the 4 hours a day. pat wants me there daily so all he gets is 4 hours.

after work, i went to the post office and stood in line to get stamps and mail a package to linda, then, to the bank to deposit my checks, deposit one of louise’s checks, and cash a check. right around the corner is the gas station so i stopped and filled up. since i have a gas card for the exxon station, my gas today was $1.74.9 per gallon! if i didn’t have the card it’d be a dime more per gallon. i think the last time i paid that little for gas was when i was going to the hospital every day to see raymond in 2007 when he was first diagnosed with cancer. how much is it where you live?

i got the laundry put away, i got the roasted chicken deboned and in the fridge. tomorrow i’ll make another weeks worth of baggies for Daisy. maybe 2 weeks, then freeze it with dates, her name, and what’s in it. a baggie a day to be added to her breakfast and dinner. think this time i’ll add carrots to the mix, too. she loves it! why shouldn’t she? it’s got good stuff in it. at least, this way, i know what i’ve fixed for her is good for her and i know what’s in it. she’s happy, i’m happy.

it feels so good to be home and back in my routine. i love my bed, i love my remote, i love my pillows, i love my tv and my programs on it, i love cooking my own food, i love quiet, i like living in my pjs at night, i like not talking unless it’s my idea and then i talk to myself or Daisy. it really felt so good to come home and get things organized again. i love everything about my home. it’s quiet, it’s calm, it’s peaceful.

i got some 15-grain bread today. i figure if i’m gonna eat bread, at least, it’s gonna be as good for me as it can be! i keep thinking i’m gonna make a loaf of bread in the breadmaker i have but, for some reason, i never get around to it. maybe this weekend. i’d like to make a savory bread. i do have a bread recipe book but, i’m gonna have to search for it. maybe that’s why i’ve not made any bread?

i wrote a letter to kurt’s mom from Daisy. sometimes, it’s hard to think like a dog and get it out right on paper. she has to have her husband read them to her and for some reason, she’s saving them. i don’t know why she’s doing that cause she’ll never be able to read them and both her husband and daughter think she and i are crazy for doing this. but, in my mind, it makes shirley happy and she has so little to make her happy.

i’m done. i’ve been up now for 15 hours and i’m really tired. time for me to at least get on the bed and snuggle with Daisy and watch some tv that i might remember watching. the weekend tv programs are a mystery to me. can’t remember much about the weekend. i don’t like being that sick.

take care,

early tuesday morning,
well, i think i feel some more better this morning than i felt last night. don’t remember coughing much. and i think i slept a bit better, too. it was a warm night here, i had to turn off my electric blanket. and i don’t think i need to up the temperature on the heater. 54 degrees right now, showers and clouds, 64 for a high and then the temps plummet between 7 and 10pm. it is winter so i guess we should have some cold temps.

talked with Blake again yesterday. in fact, he called me twice, once on his way to natick, ma, for his afternoon date and then again on his way back home from his date. he told me he brings home $3300 a month! he’s doing quite well for himself, i think. he seems to be very happy with his job. he also told me that he’s being sent to laconia to increase the business up there. he’s only 21, don’t put so much pressure on him. he hasn’t even been in insurance a year yet, let him learn without that pressure. but, he seems to thrive on the pressure. he’s dating with no expectations, no commitments, and no intimacy for at least 6 months. and he’s telling the girls that so they don’t expect him to be exclusive. it was a good talk with my grandson.

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2 weeks ago

I can think of a lot of things that I did which were dangerous and scary when I was younger. I, too, am blessed to be alive.

Gas in and around metro Phoenix is hovering around $2.41 per gallon. I bet it will go up this summer.