rainy thursday

good morning,
it’s raining out there! i love it. we need the rain. glad i have my gauge out there. got louise to put hers out in the yard yesterday. now, we’ll see how much we get with us being about 9 miles apart. should be an interesting observation.

no ibuprofen or coffee or anything til after the doctor visit at 10;20 this morning. nope, i am not a happy camper at all. oh, well, it is what it is and it’s too difficult to change it now. i get today over with and then, hopefully, i won’t have to see him til sometime next year LATE in the year, though i think i do have to have a colonoscopy sometime next summer.

it was raining when Daisy got up this morning shortly after 4:30. she wanted to go outside to do her thing. i figured she’d stop at the door and refuse to go out when she saw it was raining. but, no, she just walked on out there off into the grass and did her thing. she wasted no time whatsoever doing it either!! out and back in took less than a minute. my little girl is getting brave and doing things she never did before. i guess the move here was as good for her as it was for me.

i’m thinking about taking a drive over boogertown road to the arts and crafts community this weekend to see a few things over there. it’ll be good for me to get out of the house and go somewhere on my own. i do need to find things by myself. i need to do things that i’ve never done before. i need to be brave like Daisy. i AM brave like Daisy!!

lunch today will be leftovers from last night. i do love to cook my chicken in my air fryer. it’s a small one but, it’s just me here so, it’s perfect for me. they have some pretty big ones out there. can’t imagine how much they are. i got mine on a special sale from zulily for $49.99. small microwave, small air fryer, small keurig, big ole honking toaster!! big crockpot. big coffee maker. decent sized toaster oven. normal size blender. most of those appliances hang out over on the baker’s rack til i need them. the keurig and microwave are on the counter. still WANT a bistro table and a small island for my kitchen.

early friday morning,
it’s 65 here in the apartment. that’s kinda chilly but, i am not turning on the heat just yet. the weather people are saying there’s still 80s in our future. so, i’m holding off til they actually say it’s cold. i’ve got to wash Daisy’s sweaters so they smell clean and fresh. she didn’t wear most of them last winter. she’ll be wearing them this winter. i keep my place cooler than louise does her home. not yet ready to bring out the electric blanket.

i took out cans of mixed veggies, corn, green beans, stewed tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, chicken broth, but, i still need some carrots and maybe peas. i want to make some veggie soup. not sure if i want a red based soup or not. i think i have a container of either v8 juice to plain tomato juice. i’ll think on that for a while. maybe i need to watch the weather to see if soup is a good idea.

i read for a while last night and i sat and colored some, too. i must be getting my peace back. i guess i’ve felt rather unsettled since pat cut my hours back to 20 in late august. it appears that now i’ll be able to make it as long as i don’t buy anything except gas and a few groceries. i have a lot of food on hand so i rarely need much. i keep praying that he’ll get busy again and need me to go back to 40 hours. SOON!! as it is now, i won’t be buying anyone anything for christmas. and that makes me sad. there’s not even enuf money to buy token gifts.

just took Daisy out. put a sweater on her cause if it’s 65 inside, it’s got to be in the 50s outside. last night, channel 10 said it would be about 45 in knoxville. i’m much closer to the mountains so, i’m guessing my car thermometer will say chillier than that. i need an outside thermometer. will have to get one soon.

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October 12, 2018

I luv the Autumny chill…the crisp air is good for the lungs. Cuddle weather…sipping hot cocoa n eating soup while watching the artistic autumn skies change colors…perfect contentment I say!

October 12, 2018

It’s getting cold here, too. Won’t be ling before we get snow in the valley…we already have it in the mountains.

October 13, 2018

I’m thinking that you might find some part time work to supplement your income.  Maybe something to do with Xmas.